System Planning Engineer

Choptank Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Denton, MD
Sep 15, 2017
Sep 18, 2017
Full Time
III. RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITIES A. Planning and Controls and Budget 1. Work Program (a) Determines the current and anticipated future work load for the section and informs the Vice President Distribution Service of the action taken to schedule planned work. Reviews completed schedules to determine if corrections should be made in future work schedules. (b) Participates in the development of annual work plan budget for the Engineering Department. (c) Develop and maintained on a monthly basis a work program spreadsheet for the annual work plan. 2. Long Range Engineering Plans (a) Prepares voltage drop studies, fusing studies, fault studies, and other engineering support studies to be used in the Long-Range Engineering Plan. (b) Develops cost/benefit studies for capital expenditure justification. (c) Participates with Vice President Distribution Service in assembling and preparing Long Range Engineering Plan. (d) Develops long range capital investment for long range plan. (e) Develops data base requirements for mapping section to ensure availability of appropriate data for system studies. 3. Two Year Work Plan (a) Develops short-term load growth projection for two-year work plan. (b) Develops work plan for necessary construction projects in accordance with CFC requirements as applicable and Long Range Plan. (c) Develops long range and short range capital investment schedules for financial forecast. Prepares construction requirement and capital cost data for input to loan application. (d) Develops required environmental studies for loan support. 4. Other Engineering Studies (a) Plans the economical conductor size and develops voltage drop studies, which will ensure adequate reliability and power quality to all members. (b) Plans and develops fuse coordination studies with reclosers and circuit breakers to ensure the protection and coordination of all lines and equipment. (c) Plans and develops maintenance and reliability cost/benefit studies for material requirements and various transmission and distribution line design scenarios. 5. Continued Study and Self Development (a) Studies new methods and practices to keep informed regarding the most modern methods, techniques and engineering practices. (b) Studies trends and developments in materials, apparatus and equipment used in construction of overhead and underground facilities. (c) Studies trends and developments in supervision and management. (d) Attends seminars and conferences relative to planning, supervision and management to develop and improve performance. (e) Keeps abreast of Public Service Commission rulings and decisions of other government agencies as they affect construction and planning design. 6. Rate Planning (a) Develops meter survey programs to generate data for rate analysis. (b) Develops rate base allocations in accordance with coincident demand. 7. Other Control Responsibilities (a) Reviews the outage report and evaluates the outages from an engineering point-of-view. Recommends changes to improve continuity of service to members. (b) Occasionally checks existing lines, equipment, apparatus and substations to determine if maintenance is required. B. Organization 1. Position Descriptions Participates in developing the Systems Planning Engineer's position description and recommends to the Vice President Distribution Services. 2. Training Provides assistance in the apprentice training of engineering fieldmen as requested. 3. Safety (a) Participates in Safety Meetings and assists in training employees to work safely. (b) Keeps familiar with Safety Manual. 4. Labor Relations Studies the labor contracts and becomes thoroughly familiar with its provisions. YourMembership. Category: , Keywords: VP Distribution0

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