Program Manager - Consumer Products Packaging (CPP)

Vienna, VA
Sep 15, 2017
Sep 22, 2017
Full Time
BASIC PURPOSE: Manages, coordinates and administrates the operations of the consumer product packaging and supply chain services business unit. Provides strategic vision and leadership for a network of nonprofit associations (NPAs) in this line of business that provide the workforce, facilities, equipment, processes and management for delivering specific products and services to customers. Coordinates with the Sales staff to ensure timely responses to potential opportunities. Provides oversight and support for delivery of the products/services. This team also develops and executes a network customer service strategy, builds the capability of the overall network, coordinates sub-contracts, and tracks projects and associated finances. The Program Manager is also responsible and accountable for forging and maintaining high-level relationships with consumer packaged goods industry leaders: manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, brokers, and customers. Work closely with Sales (and program office) staff and with network members to facilitate the on-going administration of packaging and kitting work and its documentation Manage the collection of customer and NPA data and associated job data and enter data into or extract from various systems as appropriate. Monitor the on-going work of NPA network members to ensure customer requirements are met. Manage the timely submission of pricing quotes to customers (using SourceAmerica-approved documents and processes) for opportunities and follow up with customers as needed. Monitor customer purchase orders and manage financial system documentation (making and handleing requests to customers and NPAs as needed, using SourceAmerica-approved systems and processes. Issue (or monitor) requests for purchase orders, ensuring the issuance of task orders to NPA members, and document these activities in a job file. Review documents (purchase orders, task orders) for accuracy and completeness, given NPA-member quotes and customer purchase orders. Monitor invoicing and payment processes to ensure timely processing and that all shared service support processes (Contracts, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, etc.) have the information they need for timely processing. Monitor job performance of participating NPA network members, for verifying on-time shipments to customers. Gather and retain job closeout data, including submitting a customer satisfaction survey to customers and sharing the results with appropriate participating NPA network members. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Strategic Planning: Provide leadership and direction for the business unit, developing clear goals and program metrics and developing long-term direction for sustainability. Management: Manage a team with diverse capabilities to accomplish goals for the business unit and to maintain accountability, credibility and corporate responsibility. Establish and implement standard practices and metrics across the network of NPAs where needed to support customer satisfaction. Network Relations: Establish a collaborative relationship with the network of NPAs, involving them and keeping them informed as much as possible in the business of the organization. Network Growth and Capability: Working with existing NPA members of the network, establish mechanisms and processes to determine when and where to seek new members. Oversee processes to evaluate and select new NPA members. Manage the collection, storage, updating and access to NPA member capability and capacity data and work with NPA members to improve or expand their existing capabilities and/or capacity. Commercial Opportunities: Provide guidance to marketing and sales staff with regard to the packaging line of business, as needed, and ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of associated program activities such as identification of potential NPAs for specific jobs, understanding/interpreting customer requirements and communicating them to NPAs, and submitting final quotes to customers. Establish a culture within the network that supports NPA members bringing their own customers to the network for expanded work opportunities. Industry Relationships: Form and maintain high-level relationships with industry leaders, through participation in meetings, conferences, associations, etc., and, as needed, through creation and management of an industry advisory board. Other External Relationships: Manage relations with entities providing oversight for the CPP organization. Set high standards of conduct and direct the legal and ethical behavior among staff and network members. Manage external communications. Cooperate fully with meeting the requirements of the Cooperative Agreement. Perform additional duties and participate in special projects as assigned. JOB SPECIFICATIONS: Knowledge and understanding of supply chain management, consumer products packaging line of business and/or experience in a commercial start-up related line of business. Experience managing or working in a set of distributed operations, while maintaining effective relationships, quality and consistency in performance and while meeting deadlines. Ability to simultaneously handle multiple, complex actions and priorities, as demonstrated through management experience and practices. Proven ability to excel in a team environment and work with other professionals in a collaborative mode. Demonstrated presentation, interpersonal, organizational, negotiation and communication skills. Personal computer skills, with proficiency in Microsoft Office and common Internet activities. Travel required

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