Ticket Office Cashier On Call (National Harbor)

MGM National Harbor
Oxon Hill, MD
Sep 13, 2017
Sep 18, 2017
Accountant, IT
Full Time
Grade: POSITION SUMMARY:It is the primary responsibility of the Ticket Office Cashier to sell show tickets to guests by using the computer system, handle and process cash and credit transactions, provide information to guests, take reservations for show tickets and resolve guest problems. All duties are to be performed in accordance with federal, state, local laws, regulations, and ordinances, as well as department and Company policies, practices, and procedures. POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES:* Sells tickets to guests through use of the computerized system.* Takes reservations through the use of a phone or over the counter.* Assists customers with picking up, printing out and redeeming all will call reservations.* Answers multi-line telephones.* Inputs numerous reservations with accuracy.* Cross-sells tickets and provides information for all sister properties.* Utilizes a cash drawer with various tender types.* Organizes all daily paperwork by tender types and correctly balances to Cashier Reports.* Interprets and utilizes numerous systems and show codes.* Retrieves seats from different blocks for corresponding vendors and/or departments.* Finalizes reservations and distributes tickets to correct purchasers.* Solves guest issues within scope of authority; otherwise refers to Supervisor.* Checks stock levels and replenishes to operational levels.* Cleans work area thoroughly at the end of shift. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES:* None EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE:Required:* High school diploma or equivalent.Preferred:* Previous experience in ticket sales, theater, or equivalent.* Previous experience in similar resort setting. CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS:* None KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS/ABILITIES:* Customer Service Orientation: The ability to provide excellent service to guests and ensure their complete satisfaction. This includes greeting and interacting with guests in a friendly and enthusiastic manner, building trust, anticipating and meeting guest needs and preferences, remaining calm and professional when dealing with guests that are difficult or upset, taking ownership of guest issues or problems and taking action to quickly resolve them, and caring about and valuing guests.* Communication: The ability to communicate information clearly and politely to coworkers, supervisors, and guests when speaking, writing, and reading English. This includes targeting the amount, style, and content of the information to the needs of the receiver.* Presentation: The ability and willingness to present oneself with proper grooming, hygiene, and dress. This includes wearing appropriate and clean clothing/uniform and shoes, wearing hair in a neat and clean condition, maintaining personal cleanliness, ensuring neat and clean appearance of own work area, and ensuring property facilities are litter free.* Listening: The ability to understand key pieces of spoken information, separating relevant from irrelevant information, and following verbal instructions and explanations. This includes listening attentively to spoken information to ensure that the intended message has been accurately received, holding responses until the person has finished making his/her point, and repeating information to ensure accuracy.* Problem Solving: The ability to define, diagnose, and resolve problems. This includes seeking, logically examining, and interpreting information from different sources to determine a problem's cause and developing a course of action to resolve the problem and to prevent its reoccurrence.* Detail Orientation: The ability to attend to and verify the accuracy and completeness of details in work activities. This includes focusing on the small details of work activities and taking the necessary time to ensure that all the details of completed work are correct and of high quality.* Multi-Tasking: The ability to process multiple types of information and/or perform multiple tasks simultaneously.* Initiative: The ability and willingness to take independent action and complete job tasks without being instructed to complete them. This includes the ability and willingness to recognize assignments or tasks that need to be completed, to seek out additional assignments or tasks, and to help others.* Interpersonal Skills: The ability to develop and maintain professional, trusting, and positive working relationships with managers, supervisors, staff, coworkers, guests, and vendors. This includes being cooperative, approachable, and taking time to listen to and address others' questions or concerns; treating others with kindness, respect, and dignity; and expressing empathy and compassion when dealing with the needs and problems of others.* Cash Handling: Knowledge of policies and procedures related to handling money and maintaining the security of the cash drawer. This includes knowledge of policies and procedures related to security of money (eg, where to keep bills during a transaction, knowledge of procedures to check counterfeit currencies, who has access to the cash drawer, and securing the drawer).* Cash Register: The ability to operate, organize, and balance a cash register. This includes knowledge of the policies for ensuring that bank is accurate and organizing the register. This also includes the ability to complete sales transactions and process payments (including credit cards, traveler checks, money orders, coupons, discounts, gift certificates/cards, or store credit).* Product Knowledge: Knowledge of and ability to speak about and promote products and/or services in the store and participate in vendor training on products and services where applicable.* Property Features/Services: Knowledge of and ability to speak about and promote services, amenities, hours of operation, property layout, and activities offered by property.* Manual Dexterity: The ability to make quick, accurate, skillful, coordinated movements of one hand, one hand in coordination with its arm, or two hands to grasp, place, move, or assemble objects.* Integrity and Company Policies Knowledge: The ability and willingness to uphold ethical standards and comply with all federal, state, and local laws and company policies, procedures, and regulations. This includes maintaining confidentiality of all sensitive and proprietary information and avoiding conflict of interest situations.* Dependability: The ability and willingness to take ownership of work activities and ensure that they are completed accurately, efficiently, and in a timely manner. This includes being conscientious, committed, reliable, trustworthy, and accountable for completing work activities.* Following Policies and Procedures: The ability and willingness to learn and follow the company's policies, procedures, and regulations related to operations, guest relations, human resources, safety, security, and loss prevention.* Teamwork: The ability to participate as a committed member of a team. This includes cooperating and working well with other team members to accomplish goals and meet guest needs, being supportive of others, willingly helping others, objectively considering others' ideas and opinions, sharing information with others, adhering to team expectations and guidelines, giving proper credit to others, and fulfilling team responsibilities.

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