Police Officer Recruit

City of Atlanta
Baltimore, MD
Sep 05, 2017
Sep 18, 2017
Human Resources
Full Time
Atlanta Police Officer Recruit Some jobs offer challenge. Some offer rewards. Some offer the chance to make a real difference in peoples' lives. A career with the Atlanta Police Department offers all this and more. Join the Atlanta Police Department today, and become part of the premier law enforcement team that's making one of America's best cities even better and safer. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: A police officer performs a wide range of tasks to promote public safety and security. This includes crime prevention, general enforcement of the law and related work as required. The duties of a police officer include, but are not limited to: patrolling, crime detection, investigation, and traffic enforcement. A thorough background investigation will be conducted by the Atlanta Police Department on all applicants who pass the initial phase of the application process. The background investigation includes, but is not limited to the following: polygraph examination, fingerprinting, criminal/driver's history, and employment history. Upon an offer of employment, a psychological interview and a medical examination will be required. All applicants for employment with the Atlanta Police Department are subject to a thorough background investigation to verify the accuracy of statements provided within the application, and to confirm your qualification for employment. POLICE TRAINING ACADEMY: Police recruits receive a minimum of 920 hours of classroom instruction/training at the Atlanta Police Academy and 480 hours of field training. Each recruit must qualify on the Georgia Double Action/Semiautomatic Pistol Course. THINGS TO KNOW All required documentation must accompany your application. All questions should be answered truthfully and with complete explanation where applicable. If you have questions concerning any part of the process, direct them to the Recruitment office or Background Investigator only. Appropriate business attire is required for all interviews and testing. No jeans, tennis shoes, or T‐shirts will be tolerated. Applicants should appear for all scheduled interviews and testing on time. If you cannot make an appointment, it is your responsibility to contact the Atlanta Police Recruitment office. The hiring process can take up to several months to complete. It is important to keep in touch with your Background Investigator throughout the process informing him or her of any changes from your application. PHASES OF THE HIRING PROCESS Applications are received and reviewed for completeness. If the application is complete, an initial interview will be scheduled. All applicants are responsible for their travel expenses. Background investigation will begin on all applicants who have passed the above listed phase. This investigation will consist of checks into his or her Employment History, Criminal History, Driving History, Financial History, Military History, References, and the Computer Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA), and Fingerprint results. If an applicant is not disqualified after this phase, the file will be submitted through the chain of command up to the Chief of Police Office. The Chief of Police has the final decision on all hiring for the Atlanta Police Department. When the applicant receives a conditional offer of employment then the applicant will be administered a pre‐employment medical, psychological, and physical agility exam. When the applicant passes all of the examinations, the Chief of Police will review the file for final approval. When the applicant receives a final approval, the applicant will be notified by the unit Commander of Background and Recruitment section, of their first date of employment with the City of Atlanta Police Department. INSTRUCTIONS It is to your advantage to be absolutely truthful in answering all questions on your application and during all interviews. A false statement or the omissions of requested information will cause grounds for automatic rejection. If you answer "yes" to a question, you need to be complete in explaining the circumstances. Do not omit an explanation because you think the incident was minor and of no importance Valid Test Scores must be brought to the initial interview: Applicant must pass the Accuplacer test from any Technical College System location. This test is required by Georgia Police Officer Standard and Training (POST). Accepted minimum scores for the Accuplacer Test: Reading 55 and Writing 60. Other Test Scores will be accepted such as, SAT Test- 430 verbal and 400 math, CPE - Reading 75, Math 75, and English 75, and the ACT Test-18 Verbal and 16 Math (Prior to December 31, 2016). Any one of the above test scores, which are required, will qualify as the GA POST entrance exam Applicants who have not taken the SAT or ACT test with the above approved test scores, MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: *UNITED STATES CITIZEN OR NATURALIZED DOCUMENTATION *SUCCESSFULLY PASS THE COGNITIVE SKILLS EXAMINATION AND PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT *MINIMUM AGE OF 20 1/2 (AT LEAST 6 MONTHS AFTER 20TH BIRTHDAY) *VETERANS MUST HAVE AN HONORABLE DISCHARGE OR UNCHARACTERIZED DISCHARGE FROM MILITARY BRANCH (IF APPLICABLE) *A VALID US DRIVER'S LICENSE *A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA OR GED CERTIFICATE *VISUAL ABILITY CANNOT BE LESS THAN 20/100 IN EACH EYE UNCORRECTED, AND MUST BE CORRECTED TO 20/20 WITH GLASSES, CONTACT LENSES, OR RK SURGERY. *MEDICAL EXAMINATION REQUIRED UPON OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT The following documents will be required upon your entry into the background Process. A copy of a state accredited high school diploma, certified transcripts, or GED certificate A copy of your original birth certificate A copy of your current/valid driver's license (2) passport type photographs from a 1 hour photo location An original copy of your driver's record-recent (7) year history transcript from every state DMV in which you have ever held a valid driver's license A copy of your employment or wage history report for the last 10 years from the Social Security Agency location DD214 form, Member 4 showing an honorable discharge (if a veteran) Certified college transcripts (delivered in sealed envelope) Name changed documents (ie, marriage license, court order, etc.) Citizenship papers Copy of bankruptcy discharge papers

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