Talented and Gifted Resource Teacher (2017-2018)

Alexandria, Virginia
Aug 10, 2017
Feb 01, 2018
Full Time

Job Description:

The Talented and Gifted (TAG) Middle School Resource Teacher provides leadership, training, and coaching support to instructional staff working with gifted learners as well as ensures appropriate enrichment experiences and instructional support are available to students based on their interests and goals. This job reports to the middle school principal.


  • Education: Bachelor's degree; Master's degree preferred.
  • Certificates & Licenses: Valid Virginia Department of Education license required, or eligibility to obtain one, with an endorsement in Middle Grades education, English Language Arts preferred. Gifted Education endorsement required.
  • Experience: Middle school teaching experience with gifted learners in a variety of settings. Experience and training in providing professional learning and instructional support to other professional staff in designing differentiated lessons.

Essential Functions:

  • The candidate for this position:

    1) Plans with Instructional teams, Departments or Individual Teachers to

    • discuss specific academic, social, and emotional needs of identified gifted students,
    • communicate TAG identified student clusters to each Honors teacher by section,
    • modify content, process, and product to promote appropriate learning for gifted students,
    • create differentiated assessments,
    • identify appropriate differentiation strategy, i.e. creative/critical thinking, flexible grouping, tiered and compacted assignments,
    • develop alternative extension lessons,
    • investigate and gather supplemental resources,
    • arrange for speakers, field trips, extended learning extensions, and other resources to support differentiated curriculum in the general education classroom with gifted students,
    • model lessons as appropriate,
    • create an environment where students expect and appreciate learning challenges,
    • develop student understanding of and tolerance for varying learning needs,
    • encourage and support self-directed student learning,
    • establish clear procedures and routines for differentiated student learning, and
    • organize the physical space to accommodate differentiated teaching strategies.

    1) Provides direct TAG student support through

    • the development of enrichment opportunities for TAG students identified as General Intellectual Aptitude (GIA) and eventually Young Scholars,
    • facilitating, coordinating, and/or mentoring independent study,
    • distributing information about extra-curricular opportunities, summer enrichment opportunities, and contests,
    • providing application support, i.e. CTY, UVA SEP, Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars,
    • conducting/coordinating lunchtime or after school enrichment seminars in areas of specialized interest, and
    • coordinating contests (i.e. Odyssey of the Mind), supporting special interest clubs (i.e. chess, computer coding, and robotics), community service and other activities which engage TAG students in beyond the classroom experiences.

    2) Provides professional development and communication to support TAG services through

    • collaboration with ACPS departments (i.e. Curriculum, AVID, Professional Learning, etc) as needed,
    • planning and conducting an annual Parent Information Meeting,
    • conducting an annual workshop series for school staff regarding TAG identification, clustering in Honors sections and specific professional development around the characteristics and social-emotional needs of TAG students including differentiation strategies,
    • administering all elements of the TAG identification process and lead school-based identification committee, if needed.
    • communicating with parents, sharing the learning needs of students and the strategies planned to meet those needs,
    • distributing to colleagues information about professional opportunities, such as gifted workshops, graduate courses, and conferences,
    • sharing information about gifted opportunities available for students within the community,
    • disseminating TAG services information to staff and school community, and
    • administering all elements of the TAG identification process and lead school-based identification committee, if needed.
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