Director of Communications at the National Air and Space Museum

Washington D.C.
This is a trust position within the Smithsonian, IS 14, salary range $112,021 to $145,629 per year.
Aug 04, 2017
Aug 25, 2017
Full Time

This position is located in the Communications Office of the National Air and Space Museum. The primary purpose of the position is to manage the various aspects of this office, including media relations, filming, informational and promotional publications, advertising, and marketing/outreach activities.

  • Supervises Communications Office staff, fostering effective communication, determining standards for work, establishing departmental priorities, developing position descriptions, performance plans and appraisal documents.
  • Develops and implements media and public outreach for enhancing the public image of the museum.
  • Plans and implements informational and marketing activities for the Museum to local, national, and international media group.
  • Monitors issues knowing how to prioritize and act on them.
  • Oversees the Publication Program which works with museum curators and fellows to develop publishable works that represent NASM.


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