Director, Office of Information Technology Services Management

Washington D.C.
Aug 04, 2017
Sep 05, 2017
Executive, Director
Full Time

Due to current hiring restrictions in place, selections will need DHHS approval before a final offer may be extended.  Updates will be provided to help keep you informed throughout the process.

Are you a high-performing executive, visionary, skilled strategist, and collaborative relationship builder with an exceptional record of delivering optimal results and measurable outcomes?  This may be your opportunity to shine.  Are you a senior administrative professional interested in a career with the Nation's premiere biomedical research center?  Do you want to make a difference in this country's healthcare?  Do you want to perform challenging work in a collegial environment, while enjoying quality of work/life flexibilities and a competitive compensation package?

Who we are, what we do, and why it matters. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), is looking for dynamic and energetic leaders to join the Senior Executive Service (SES) – a talented team of men and women charged with leading the continuing transformation of our government.

The Center for Information Technology (CIT), NIH is seeking exceptional candidates for the position of Director, Office of Information Technology Services Management.  As the Director, the incumbent will work with the CIT Director and Deputy Director to lead this complex organization and provide critical day-to-day operational IT services and support to the NIH and researchers around the world. 

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is the premiere biomedical research center for the Nation and the world.  The NIH is composed of 27 Institutes and Centers and employs approximately 18,000 staff in a vast array of professions, all supporting research efforts for a healthier nation.  For more information on the NIH mission, goals, and Institutes and Centers, please visit NIH Overview.  To learn more about working at NIH, visit Life at NIH.

As part of the SES at NIH, you will be among a group of highly skilled executives, contributing to one of the most important missions in the Federal government:  to enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability.


  • Not Required

  • Yes
  • A Relocation incentive may be authorized subject to individual approval.

  • This position requires completion of public financial disclosure report.
  • Public Trust Security Investigatin will be required
  • All applicants for SES positions with the Federal government must demonstrate leadership experience indicative of senior executive level management capability.  To meet the minimum qualification requirements for this position, applicants must meet the requirements for the GS-2210 series (GS-14/15 or equivalent) as defined by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management Qualifications Standards Manual for General Schedule Positions which is available at:  OPM Qualifications Standards GS-2210 Website under Information Technology (IT) Management Positions and show in your five (5) page resume that you possess the Professional Technical Qualifications (PTQs) listed below.  It is recommended that your resume emphasize levels of responsibility, scope and complexity of programs managed, and program accomplishments and results.


    Your responses to the below PTQs must be incorporated into your 5 page resume; it is recommended that the corresponding PTQs are annotated in parenthesis.  Separate PTQ narratives will not be accepted or considered.

    1.      Experience leading integrated operations for a large customer-focused organization responsible for delivering a broad range of mission-critical, enterprise-wide IT infrastructure, services and initiatives for a large federated organization (20,000+ users).

    2.      Strong track record in delivering innovative technology solutions and services to meet customer needs, outstanding collaboration and communication skills, and demonstrated ability to lead and motivate diverse technology teams in dynamic IT operational environments.

    3.      Experience analyzing complex issues, formulating compelling recommendations, and communicating complicated information to diverse audiences (e.g., executives, technical staff, researchers, programmatic and administrative staff).

    4.      Political, Schedule C, Non-career SES Appointee*:  In the last five years, based on the closing date of this announcement, have you been or are you currently an employee in the Executive Branch serving on a political, Schedule C, or Non-career SES appointment?  If yes, and you are selected through this vacancy announcement, you may be required to obtain approval by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) prior to beginning employment.  (If you have this experience, please include within your 5-page resume)

    *A political appointee is an appointment made by the President without confirmation by the Senate (5 CFR 213.3102(c)) OR an Assistant position to a top-level Federal official if filled by a person designated by the President as a White House Fellow (5 CFR 213.3102(z)).  A Non-career SES appointee is approved by the White House and serves at the pleasure of the appointing official without time limitations. A Schedule C appointee occupies a position excepted from the competitive service by the President, or by the Director, OPM, because of the confidential or policy-determining nature of the position duties.

    EXECUTIVE CORE QUALIFICATIONS (ECQs) (Mandatory for Selectee):

    If selected, you MUST submit a narrative statement in response to each of the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) listed below.

    It is STRONGLY recommended that you visit the following Office of Personnel Management (OPM) webpage for more information regarding the Fundamental Competencies and how to write your ECQs.

    Public Trust - Background Investigation


    The incumbent serves as Director, Office of Information Technology Services Management with responsibility for planning and directing the delivery of the full range of IT operational services in support of the NIH mission and other HHS Operating Divisions.  

    The position leads, manages, operates, and provides oversight of NIH's core enterprise-wide, high performance computational environment used by NIH intramural scientists; develops and supports biomedical and life science application programs, associated biomedical databases, programming languages, and tools; provides training and technical expertise for NIH intramural staff relating to NIH high performance computational resources scientific applications; and researches new technology developments in high-performance computing, life science applications, biomedical databases, high-performance storage, and archiving for use of NIH.

    The Director, Office of Information Technology Services Management, strategically plans and directs the work of the organization through the efforts of several senior IT managers, who each direct a major component of NIH's overall operations services.  He/she exercises delegated authority to determine the most effective approaches to accomplish the organization's mission, including defining the overall goals, objectives, scope, and emphasis of activities that involve the combined contributions of a large workforce of government and contract employees.  He/she is also responsible for directing the evaluation and adoption of rapidly evolving technology, adaptation of changes in computing needs brought about by frequent shifts in research priorities, and implementation of new initiatives in the IT infrastructure services management areas that often require modifying goals, objectives, and plans.  The incumbent is ultimately accountable for the efficient utilization of a large amount of NIH computing resources and for ensuring that the computing needs of the research and business communities served by CIT are met continuously even during emergencies.