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Washington D.C.
Aug 01, 2017
Aug 16, 2017
Full Time

About the Agency

Business Component:

Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Office, Safety and Integration Division, Program & Data Management Branch, AUS-410.

  • Yes
  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) - Employees with status: A fixed relocation payment of $27,000 will be paid.

  • US Citizenship is required.
  • Selective Service Registration is required for males born after 12/31/1959.
  • This position requires a positive education, Transcript may be required.
  • At least 10% travel may be required.
  • In addition to meeting the basic educational requirements (specified below), to qualify for this position you must demonstrate in your application that you possess at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to FV-I (FG/GS-13) in the Federal service. Specialized experience is experience that has equipped you with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position.

    Specialized experience is defined as:

    • Experience evaluating designs, plans, specifications, and operations planning documents in order to manage large, complex programs with tight deadlines and changing priorities.

    In addition to the minimum qualifications, the following has been determined to be a selective factor for this position. This means possession of this criterion is part of the minimum qualifications and is essential to perform the duties and responsibilities of this position. Applicants who do not possess this criterion are ineligible for further consideration.
    • SELECTIVE PLACEMENT FACTORS: Demonstrated advanced knowledge of UAS operational environments and the interrelationships between airworthiness, airspace, and operating regulations.

    IMPORTANT: Ensure that your work experience supports your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA), and Other Factors answers. Your answers and associated work experience will be evaluated further to validate whether the answers that you selected are appropriate.


    BASIC REQUIREMENTS: Degree: professional engineering. To be acceptable, the curriculum must: (1) be in a school of engineering with at least one curriculum accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) as a professional engineering curriculum; or (2) include differential and integral calculus and courses (more advanced than first-year physics and chemistry) in five of the following seven areas of engineering science or physics: (a) statics, dynamics; (b) strength of materials (stress-strain relationships); (c) fluid mechanics, hydraulics; (d) thermodynamics; (e) electrical fields and circuits; (f) nature and properties of materials (relating particle and aggregate structure to properties); and (g) any other comparable area of fundamental engineering science or physics, such as optics, heat transfer, soil mechanics, or electronics. OR Combination of education and experience -- college-level education, training, and/or technical experience that furnished (1) a thorough knowledge of the physical and mathematical sciences underlying professional engineering, and (2) a good understanding, both theoretical and practical, of the engineering sciences and techniques and their applications to one of the branches of engineering.

    The adequacy of such background must be demonstrated by one of the following:

    Applicants are encouraged to review the entire OPM qualification requirements to know alternate ways they can qualify for such positions.

    We are not accepting applications from noncitizens.

    Public Trust - Background Investigation


    Serves as a Focus Area Pathfinder Program/Special Projects coordinator for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Office, AUS-1, in the Program & Data Management Branch, AUS-410. This position is unique within the FAA and it directly impacts the growth of the UAS industry and related economic impacts.

    The incumbent will apply a comprehensive and practical knowledge of professional engineering disciplines and analytical methods to develop and evaluate solutions for safely integrating UAS into the NAS. The incumbent considers requirements from and works closely with applicable organizations within the FAA to evaluate potential requirements related to aircraft certification, pilot certification, aircraft operations, and air space management. The incumbent must possess expert knowledge of UAS integration relative to current statutory and regulatory policies and programs related to the technical areas listed above and develop recommendations for potential development or amendment of the same. As a subject matter expert, the incumbent communicates complex information and data related to the activities above and coordinates discussions and the development of solutions with representatives from the aviation industry, operator community, academia, and government organizations; both domestically and internationally.

    The incumbent will design applications to safely, efficiently, and affordably integrate UAS into the NAS. Formulates unmanned aircraft system requirements and procedures for the design, development, and type certification of advanced state-of-the-art aircraft components, systems, and equipment that are applicable to all types of unmanned aircraft in support of operational activities. Incumbent will be responsible for developing standards and guidance for UAS in coordination with external organizations, and associated operational approval guidance for UAS systems and equipment.

    The incumbent will lead a highly technical and creative initiative to explore and develop the means to integrate UAS operations in the NAS with national and global implications. The incumbent will work across lines of business, and apply knowledge of the NAS, UAS technology, regulations and policy to develop solutions meeting UAS integration goals. The incumbent serves as an advocate for the development of regulations, policies and operating materials which govern UAS operations and the safe integration of UAS into the NAS. In developing solutions, the incumbent considers sensitive interconnections between public, business, and government interests and collaborates with all three groups; facilitates communication and builds broad support for implementation of solutions. The incumbent provides effective leadership and uses interpersonal, analytical, communication, and persuasive skills to achieve results.

    The incumbent leads multi-organizational teams from across the FAA and which may also include representatives from industry partners. Provides expert guidance and instruction, both internally and externally, to address diverse, complex issues which often cross multiple disciplines, projects/programs or functional/technical areas and impact on the accomplishment of the initiative’s objectives. The incumbent anticipates potential issues and proposes recommendations for preventive action. The incumbent will work with FAA cross-organizational peers to seamlessly develop and implement program objectives.

    Develops plans, techniques, and policies to meet program objectives. Incumbent regularly communicates with senior management facilitating effective decision making and coordinating cross organizational efforts.

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