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Jul 20, 2017
Aug 24, 2017
Full Time

Coordinate wigs and makeup for all WNO productions, galas, concerts, and events.  Execute all operations pertaining to the preparation and presentation of wigs, hair and makeup for WNO.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Planning 5%

  • Assist in the planning and collection of information for all future productions.
  • Assist in the creation of hair and makeup budgets for future seasons.
  • Review archival production information for shows to be remounted.
  • Research new shows and help to determine production needs.
  • Identify the wig, hairstyling, and makeup needs of each production.

Production 35%

  • Realize all work as conceived by the designer and determine a course of action for executing the needs of the production.
  • In the absence of a designer, review available production records and collaborate with the director to determine a course of action for any changes to the original presentation.
  • Pull, rent, purchase, build, or modify individual wigs, hair pieces, or facial hair needed to complete each production.
  • Build wig blocks for each artist as appropriate.
  • Identify vendors and obtain bids for outside wig building and rentals: coordinate and execute contracts with the selected vendors.
  • Coordinate the work from outside vendors, to include: providing measurements, head casts, color reference, and styling needs; coordinating travel and in house fittings; and determining final delivery methods and arrival dates.
  • Ensure that wigs are properly fitted and styled to the specifications of the design.
  • Prepare research materials and wig setting/styling instructions for each wig.
  • Purchase all makeup, applicators, removers, hairstyling tools, products, and accessories in accordance with the needs of each production.
  • Prepare research materials and/or makeup worksheets for each principal artist.
  • Identify, purchase, and prepare supplies needed to accomplish special makeup effects. (e.g. blood, sweat, tattoos, body paint, etc.)
  • Prepare research materials, instructions, and worksheets as appropriate for chorus and supers to accomplish their individual hair and makeup styles.
  • Provide chorus, supers, and dancers with makeup, applicators, styling tools, products, and accessories needed to accomplish the requested hair and makeup styles.
  • Monitor daily rehearsal reports and respond to any wig and makeup requests.
  • Attend production meetings.

Wig Fittings 10%

  • Submit all fitting requests for principal artists to the Production Scheduler.
  • Communicate and schedule all fittings for chorus, supers, and dancers directly with the individual artists.
  • Measure, make head casts and record hair style and color information for each artist as appropriate.
  • Fit wigs and mark any needed adjustments.
  • Ensure that every performer is reasonably comfortable in their wig and communicate any necessary hair and makeup information.
  • Photograph each wig fitting for reference purposes.
  • Ensure that all wigs and hair pieces are appropriately labeled.
  • Ensure that notes from each fitting are accurately recorded.

Wigs and Makeup Crew 10%

  • Determine staffing needs and create crew schedules for all dress rehearsals, performances, and work calls in the most cost effective manner.
  • Identify crew members for each production and make offers in conjunction with the KC Production Manager.
  • Provide crew members with all information needed to style hair and wigs and apply makeup in accordance with the design.
  • Oversee the work of all crew members for all rehearsals, performances and work calls.

Dress Rehearsals and Performances 25%

  • Establish makeup and hair call times for all artists with the Production Scheduler.
  • Attend all technical and dress rehearsals when wigs and makeup are requested.
  • Ensure each artist is in complete and appropriate hair and makeup.
  • Be available and accessible to the creative team in the house during dress rehearsals to address questions as necessary.
  • Compile notes for all wigs, hairstyles, and makeup as observed or as requested by the director and designer.
  • Communicate hair and makeup notes for principal artists to the hair and makeup crew.
  • Communicate hair and makeup notes to individual chorus, supers, and dancers as necessary.
  • Attend all performances to ensure that makeup and wig calls proceed as planned.
  • Monitor and respond to any hair and makeup notes listed in performance reports.
  • Photograph each artist in full hair and makeup for archival purposes.

Post Production/Ongoing 10%

  • Compile wig and makeup archival records for each production according to WNO standards.
  • Ensure that all rented or borrowed wigs and hair pieces are appropriately returned in accordance with the agreement.
  • Ensure that all wigs and hairpieces owned by WNO are appropriately cleaned and stored.

Other  5%

  • Attend weekly Costume Studio staff meetings.
  • Manage all wig and makeup activities within established budget parameters.
  • Ensure that all wig and makeup invoices are properly submitted for payment and that finances are kept in order.
  • Work in a manner consistent with the policies and practices of licensed cosmetologists and hairstylists and adhere to all health department standards.
  • Maintain a clean and organized work area.
  • Store and maintain wig blocks and head casts for all artists as appropriate.
  • Organize and maintain an appropriate supply of perishable hair and makeup materials.
  • Properly maintain all wig making and hair styling tools and equipment.
  • Properly store and maintain all stock makeup and makeup kits for regular chorus and supers.
  • Provide wig and makeup support for other company departments as necessary.


The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is a world premier performing arts organization and our nation’s cultural center. Diversity is a critical component of our mission, vision, and values. Our staff exhibits a wide variety of perspectives and experiences which enable us to foster and strengthen an environment of diversity and inclusion.

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