Discovery Attorney

Washington D.C.
Jul 18, 2017
Aug 22, 2017
Discovery Attorney
Full Time

Williams & Connolly is expanding its team of full-time Discovery Attorneys. While document review and quality control are core competencies of this position, Discovery Attorneys are required to master a number of more complex skills.  Discovery Attorneys become the factual experts on their matters and use that expertise to assist with preparing for depositions, hearings, motions and trials. They create written work product organizing and describing important factual issues in their cases and make oral presentations on key issues.  Supervising teams of documents reviewers (either onsite or remotely) is often required.  This is an opportunity to have significant responsibility for crucial issues in extremely complex litigations. 

This position requires the ability to interact with firm management, partners, associates and employees in a professional manner and the ability to manage and prioritize a large volume of work assignments, meeting all deadlines. 


Qualified candidates will have significant document review experience of all types including all of the following which must be specifically noted on your resume and detailed in your cover letter: 

  • privilege log drafting and creation;
  • second level review of work done by others; and
  • advanced database search experience, which includes:
    • searching for and selecting documents for depositions;
    • assisting in developing a complex factual chronology
    • developing an understanding of an event through the use of targeted searches; and
    • constructing complex searches to efficiently identify significant documents.

Team leadership experience is a significant plus.  Any such experience should be specifically noted both on your resume and in your cover letter and should include the size of the teams you have supervised, the duration of the supervision and a general description of your philosophy of team leadership.

Strong Relativity skills are essential and experience with other review platforms is helpful. Successful candidates will demonstrate both the ability to work well in teams as well the ability to support associates and partners alone in a fast-paced and often demanding environment. 

We are looking for people with a “can do” attitude that work well under pressure and deliver work product of the highest quality every time. This requires at least: 

  • strong legal reasoning and analytical skills; 
  • exceptional verbal and written communication skills; 
  • attention to detail and the ability to work carefully to produce consistent and accurate work product; 
  • the ability to work independently with minimal supervision; and 
  • the ability to manage deadlines and meet them consistently.

Candidates must hold a J.D. and must be a current, active member in good standing of the DC Bar.  The ability to carry up to 20 pounds is also required.


Applications must be submitted online by clicking  In addition to a resume, applicants must include the following information for the legal matters on which you have worked:  the dates worked; client opposing party law firm; staffing agency (if applicable) and description of the work (such as first level review, privilege log, deposition preparation, QC, and the like).  Do not send any confidential information.  If there are confidential matters, please note that in place of client and opposing party.  Applicants must also include a cover letter that highlights your most significant work experience and explains the three characteristics or skills that you possess that distinguishes you from other applicants and makes you particularly well-suited to the position.


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