Inpatient Counselor

Anne Arundel Medical Center
Annapolis, MD
Jul 17, 2017
Jul 17, 2017
Full Time
Job Description: Inpatient Counselor This position will serve as a primary counselor for up to eight Pathways inpatients at a time providing counseling, case management, collaborative treatment planning and discharge planning to adults and adolescents with primary substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. This individual must have a clear understanding of mental health and substance use disorders throughout the age continuum. Key responsibilities: 1. Performs duties according to established standards for age groups adolescence through geriatric. Able to assess data reflective of the patient's status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patient's requirements relative to his or her age-specific needs. 2. Conducts patient and family interviews and provides referrals to appropriate level of care and to community resources. Demonstrates knowledge of ASAM and DSM V criteria relative to the assessment of patient needs throughout the course of treatment. 3. Provides case management for assigned clients and maintains competency to evaluate and care for these patients following best practices. 4. Maintains accurate and complete chart documentation regarding patient motivation and progress intreatment plans and progress notes according to Joint Commission, COMAR and Pathways requirements. 5. Collaborates with other Pathways Counselors to manage emergent and complex patient issues. This may involve temporary cross-coverage of patients assigned to other counselors. 6. Attends and participates in clinical inpatient team meetings, multidisciplinary clinical staff meetings and in service training. 7. Facilitate two didactic, focus, or therapeutic groups per week and may be responsible for group coverage due to vacancy or absence. 8. Conducts discharge planning, counsels patients and their families to support continuity of care/aftercare services from other treatment providers and other community groups. 9. Participates in required training for integrating treatment of co-occurring disorders. 10. Establish therapeutic alliance and maintain effective working relationships with patients. 11. Determine patient strengths through counseling and assessment; integrate patients expressed goals into treatment planning including achievable steps with specified target dates and recognizing progress. 12. Work collaborative with patient and multi-disciplinary teams to provide care to each patient based on their unique needs, strengths, values and preferences. Core Competencies:Adheres to the ethical standards for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselors (NAADAC).Familiarity with, and agreement to adhere to, established core competencies and global criteria for Substance Abuse Counseling.Demonstrate non-judgmental stance and recovery oriented language in all encounters with patients, family, co-workers and written documentation.Work effectively in a person centered treatment process; utilize natural supports and settings to the maximum extent possible.Effectively build rapport and able to work effectively to a wide variety of people.Engage patients who are isolating, resistant or difficult to work with; demonstrate language of hope.Able to tolerate different levels of patients readiness to change; utilize motivational interviewing, change talk and other techniques to assist patient to move to a higher stage of change.Develop treatment plan goals and action steps using the patients own words and develop creative interventions to assist patient in meeting treatment plan goals.Skilled in active listening and conveying empathy throughout treatment process.Communicate patient issues effectively with others both orally and in writing.Participate fully in the individual and group supervision; ask for and offer feedback from supervisors and coworkers during supervision.Able to clearly state the purpose of any given strategy in practice with patients. Required Education: A minimum of Master`s degree from an accredited college or university with coursework in mental health and substance use disorders. Required Experience: One year professional experience in the area of mental health or substance use disorders to include, case management, group, family or individual counseling. Required Licensure/Certification: Must have Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC) license from the MD Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists, OR Must have Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) license from the MD Board of Professional Counselor and Therapists, OR Must have Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW) license from the MD Board of Social Work Examiners, OR Must have Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) license from the MD Board of Social Work Examiners, OR Must have Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical (LCSW-C) license from the MD Board of Social Work Examiners AND Current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification through the American Heart Association.(HealthCare Provider)

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