Principal Information Systems Engineer

Baltimore, MD
Jul 17, 2017
Jul 17, 2017
Full Time
Job Description: Principal Information Systems Engineer Position Description CGI Federal is looking for a Principal Information Systems Engineer with experience and C-level communication skills to advise executive and senior level client technical staff of the benefits, issues, costs and risks of technologies. You will advise on what is necessary to implement a new technology program or modernize existing mission-critical systems such as conversion from siloed, COBOL-based systems to a modern integrated set of applications necessary to provide a superior client use experience. Your future duties and responsibilities Performs IT functions such as design, analysis, evaluation, testing, debugging, and implementation of applications programs supporting company business processes and operations. Analyzes, installs, acquires, modifies, and supports operating systems, database or utilities software. Plans, conducts and directs the analysis of business problems to be solved with automated systems. Analyzes, designs, acquires, and implements projects for LAN and/or WAN systems. Plans, designs, acquires, and implements telecommunications voice/wire systems. Required qualifications to be successful in this role Master's Degree is required along with 8-13 years of expert level knowledge in one or more key technology areas such as big data computing, Agile development, data science, self-service systems, etc. Possesses superior oral and written communications skills in order to clearly and effectively convey issues, reports, and other deliverables to Agency counterparts. Expert in an advanced technical area such as big data computing, data science, content management, self-service systems, mobile computing, data marts and warehousing, cloud computing, unified communications platforms and systems, anti-fraud expert, Agile development, or any new and emerging technology area or subject. Expert in various software development methodologies (eg, Agile, Waterfall, etc.) Experience and demonstrated success in working with large enterprises, large geographical areas, and users (greater than 40,000). Expert knowledge and skill in all facets of systems development and deployment. Experience and demonstrated success working with clients in sensitive environments, understands user issues, understands policy and political issues that may adversely affect success and offers approaches to manage such issues. Experience advising and consulting using advanced expertise in areas a client has interest in and needs expertise to carefully evaluate technologies, benefits, risks, and costs in order to make a decision to use such technology/technologies. Expertise in advising clients on the analysis, design, implementation, training, maintenance and usage of advanced technologies within their organization, particularly with respect to a client's mission, business goals and forecasted environmental impacts (eg, increased number of clients served, constrained budgets, client interaction preferences, security and privacy concerns, and workforce development issues). Experience participating and advising as needed in all phases of systems development from analyzing, and documenting complex client and statutory requirements through development, deployment, and maintenance. Experience providing advanced technical knowledge and analysis of highly specialized applications and operational environments; high-level functional systems analysis, design, integration, documentation, training, and implementation; and advice on complex problems. Experience making recommendations and advising on organization-wide system improvements, optimization, or maintenance efforts in the following sample specialties: Information Systems Architecture, Networking, Telecommunications, Automation, Communications Protocols, Risk Management/Electronic Analysis, Software, Life-Cycle Management, Software Development Methodologies, 508 compliance, human factors modeling, modeling and simulation etc. Extensive experience in the development and implementation of best practices for large scale, enterprise-size clients. Understands sensitive organizational issues and change management practices and strategies, offers advice and approaches to mitigate organizational stress during change. Understands how to deploy new technologies within existing complex set of technologies of varying levels modernization. Takes an enterprise approach to such implementations taking into account technology, workforce training, user change management and executive and political support. Desired Certifications: Certified Business Operations Professional (CBOP), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Accredited Management Consultant (AMA), PMP, CBM, CIPM, CMC, CM, CMBA, CIM, CFCM, MKMP, MPM, MMC, P.Mgr, or SCPM. Categories of software certifications that provide professional-level IT certifications include IEEE, SEI, Microsoft, UNIX, JAVA, COBOL, Network, Security, Architecture, Web, Service-based, Ora

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