Solution Lead (Washington DC)

GoKart Labs
Washington, DC
Jul 17, 2017
Jul 17, 2017
Accountant, IT
Specialty Trades
Full Time
Job DescriptionWhy This Job Is ImportantBusiness models are being challenged, some are disintegrating, and new ones are being invented every day. At the center of nearly every transformation weA cents € (TM) re witness to (with our clients and internally), digital products, experiences and the way theyA cents € (TM) re grown in-market are increasingly more vital to the success of business (digital or not). Further, people who can lead the invention, creation, and marketing of successful digital things are core to the lifeblood of a successful modern organization. WeA cents € (TM) re actively looking for solution leaders to help us lead through this change.As a Solution Lead working on strategic projects at GoKart Labs, youA cents € (TM) ll play a central role in solving some of the biggest challenges weA cents € (TM) re asked to take on.What You Will Be DoingLead client projects and teams.Facilitate diverse groups of people toward clarity and alignment around new solutionsBring together desirability (what people want), feasibility (what the organization can do) and viability (what the market will support as a business).Work with GoKart Labs teams to prioritize, validate and build solutions that solve the organizational and propositional challenges of our clients. Whether that solution is simply a validated prototype or a concept that goes to market.Support our clients in the design and validation of solutions that meet their goals for new and existing products/servicesUse a flexible methodology to get the job done, and youA cents € (TM) ll challenge us to build upon and improve our methods/tools too.Help our clients develop and refine their go-to-market strategies for new products and services.Help us to seek out and win exciting new projects where digital products sit at the heart of the solution.Sometimes youA cents € (TM) ll be 100% focused on a single project for several months and at other times youA cents € (TM) ll be supporting multiple product teams at once.What You Are Good At: You're a LeaderYouA cents € (TM) ve been a natural leader your whole lifePeople donA cents € (TM) t follow you because they have to, they follow because they want toNobody has to ask you to do something (certainly not twice)In every situation, you help others see what (and how) they can help - and - you give them the confidence and tools to drive it forwardYou're CreativeYouA cents € (TM) ve got raw intuition and can invent/create something brand new"How might we" is a natural part of your languageYou're StrategicYou know how to prioritize what should be done, and why you need to do itYou have a not-to-do listYou're Technical You know enough to be dangerous (in a good way).YouA cents € (TM) re self-aware enough to know when youA cents € (TM) re dangerous (in a bad way). You're InsightfulYou know that some of the best ideas are inspired by data.You also know when to ignore it.You're a SimplifierYou make the complex simple, cut through the clutter, get unstuck.YouA cents € (TM) re quick to see A - Z, but youA cents € (TM) re empathetic (and can lead a team) through B-Y.What You Have Done: YouA cents € (TM) ve built products that have proven value in-marketYou have experience applying strategic frameworks to organizational challenges (Lean Canvas, Strategy Canvas, Lean Startup, Value Chain etc.). You understand the advantages and disadvantages of key tools.You have experience applying an experimental, hypotheses-led approach to business challenges.It would be a plus if you had: Experience with product/service design and development in a service model context (resourcing, working models etc.).Practical experience leading the invention - creation - marketing of digital products/services from end-to-end.A Little More About You: YouA cents € (TM) re curious - never satisfied until you know why, what, how, who, when, and why -- again.YouA cents € (TM) re confident, yet humble. YouA cents € (TM) re as comfortable inspiring and leading an internal team as you are presenting in the boardroom.You communicate visually -- your hands are constantly stained with sharpie or whiteboard markers.You define strategies, but you also love executing/iterating the plan.You have an original point-of-view, but are obsessed with analogues.You care about the end user above anything.You trust data as much as your gut -- both help you make decisions.You care about what happens after launch as much as you do about defining what should launch.You prototype, and achieve success through deliberate trial and error.You have deep knowledge of cultural & digital trends.You love to get your hands dirty. GoKart Labs is committed to building a culturally diverse team and strongly encourages applications from female and minority candidates. If you are a member of an under-represented group in technology, we encourage you to apply.

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