Data Visualization Expert

Annapolis Junction, MD
Jul 17, 2017
Aug 07, 2017
Accountant, IT
Full Time
If you experience giddy excitement when you find an awesome data visualization and your superheroes include names like Bostock and Tufte, you'll be right at home here. WHAT YOU'LL DO: Explore and analyze big and streaming datasets and investigate intuitive ways to visually explore the trends hidden within Rapidly develop prototype interactive data visualizations (both static and real-time) using JavaScript-based data visualization libraries and tools Integrate custom data visualizations into front-end Web-frameworks like Angular and React TASKS YOU MIGHT WORK ON: Investigate ways to intuitively visualize the movement of actors through a complex workflow of service providers. Include the ability for users of the visualization to filter and manipulate the underlying data in an interactive manner and continuously observe how changes impact the distribution and movement of the actors. Write a reusable D3 calendar heatmap component for visualizing event activity patterns over time WHY WE SHOULD TALK: You love and have a good grasp of technology (eg. MEAN, LAMP, D3.js, two.js, three.js, HTML5 Canvas, CSS3, jQuery, ReactJS, ElasticSearch, HBase, Cassandra and more) You want to work in a lively yet laid-back environment full of people who love learning (and craft beer/fine coffee) You're tired of being bored at work; and you remember when coding used to be fun You want to build stuff people actually use Because tabs > spaces. Because spaces>tabs. ugh, nevermind O_o You're a US Citizen and want to obtain a high-level security clearance TL:DR If you're obsessed with infographics and visualizing large datasets, and find yourself completely disappointed when data visualizations are not interactive or animated, you've come to the right place.

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