Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Therapy Management
Silver Spring, MD
Jul 17, 2017
Jul 17, 2017
Full Time
Overview: Therapy Management Corporation is an industry leader in therapy services and operates in multiple states. At TMC, we believe the foundation for success starts with our employees. We approach each day at TMC with enthusiasm, dedication and creativity. Our team members take pride in representing the "Committed to Service Excellence" philosophy every day. TMC is dedicated to providing stability, exceptional clinical education, job satisfaction, as well as, opportunities for career and professional advancement. We offer our employee's competitive compensation, a diverse benefit package and so much more! TMC has employment opportunities in Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Independent Living Facilities and Outpatient Clinics. Our Rehab teams are comprised of highly skilled, dynamic, passionate professionals who promote the most positive outcome for each of our patients. We are confident that our history of providing therapy services with uncompromised quality and our "Commitment to Service Excellence", as well as opportunities for personal and professional growth make us the employer of choice in the therapy services industry. Responsibilities: Duties and Responsibilities: Responds to request for service in accordance with the service agency's policies and procedures. Assists with data collection and evaluation under the supervision of an OTR. Develops treatment goals under the supervision of an OTR. Selects, adapts, implements and coordinates intervention plan under the supervision on an OTR. Provides direct service that follows a documented routine and accepted procedure under the supervision of an OTR. Modifies treatment approaches and adapts intervention environment, tools, materials, and activities reflecting the changing needs and according to the individual and his or her social cultural context under the supervision of an OTR. Communicates and interacts with other team members and the individual's family, or caregivers in collaborations with an OTR. Monitors own performance and identifies supervisory needs. Follows policies and procedures required in a setting. Performs continuous quality improvement activities or program evaluation in collaboration with an OTR. Maintains treatment area, equipment, and supply inventory as required. Maintains records and documentation required by work settings under the supervision of an OTR. Terminates services formulating discontinuation and follow-up plans when maximum benefit is received under the supervision of an OTR. Maintains records required by practice setting, third party payers, and regulatory agencies. Qualifications: Qualifications: Graduation from an approved and accredited therapist program. Current certification with The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc. Licensed by the State in the designated geographic area in his/her respective therapy profession. Demonstrates the ability to perform the following tasks without posing a threat to the health or safety of him/herself or others without risk to self, co-workers, caregivers, or patient; lift, turn, move position, and transport the patient into and out of beds, chairs, bathtubs, wheelchairs, lifts, etc. Demonstrates the ability to perform a minimum of minimal assist transfer." Minimal assist transfers are defined for purposes of this document as the ability to lift and control 50 pounds Apply for this Position

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