Sales Representative

Penn Warranty Corporation
Catonsville, MD
Jul 17, 2017
Jul 17, 2017
Full Time
Job Description Outside B2B Sales Representative, Working With New and Used Car Dealerships Base Salary $39,000 + Commissions. The first 6 months Guarantee (not a draw) is $1,000 per week ($52,000 Annualized). Main Opportunity is Uncapped Commissions and Residual Income Opportunity. Expected First Year On Target = $60,000, 2nd Year On-Target = $70,000, 3rd Year = $80,000 and Beyond. Top Earners (10%) earn $130,000+ *Not necessary, but extremely helpful if you like buying cars or if you understand some basic mechanics of cars. If you LOVE cars or LOVE car shopping or have changed your own oil or brakes and are commission-driven and love the freedom of the road doing B2B sales this may be a great fit. Resume not required (for MOBILE applicants especially). ==> SCROLL DOWN TO APPLY NOW<== Non $ Compensation … If you love old school “belly to belly selling”, you may love this. If you have not done sales or are newer to the sales game - we mean that you will have the opportunity to meet and interact face to face with your customers. You can actually meet the decision makers / owners of these dealerships quite easily. This business model still expects to be visited frequently by sales people. On the other hand, the business is progressively becoming more connected and Social Media savvy. Our Team is an eclectic mix of “Salty Dog” salespeople who can teach you the fundamentals of B2B sales that you can take with you and learn…and our newer sales professionals bring a mix of exciting new technology and enthusiasm to the team. We are Results Oriented… competing with one another…talking with each other on the phone and via internet frequently. We are seeking a Hard-working, organized, Money and Results motivated individual to call on New & Used Car Dealers in Maryland and West Virginia. Existing business is primarily in MD. Your primary mission will be to enroll the used car department of Franchise dealerships and primarily Independent Used Car Dealerships into our Used Car Mechanical Breakdown Coverage (Service Contract) Program. Cold calling by physical walk-ins to the dealerships is the primary mode of making initial contact, although “warm calling” may be a better term as referrals and recommendations are key drivers of our explosive growth. These Referrals and Recommendations will come from your network of Dealers, from Sales Representatives who are also calling on these dealerships and from the State Association for these Dealers. Our products offer what is known as “Unlimited Miles” protection and reasonable price to the dealership. We help the dealerships to sell more vehicles and to make additional profit on our Service Contract Agreements. We offer Autonomy and the Freedom of the Road with support to self-driven Sales Professionals. Our Team is professional yet fun and hard driving. We offer best-in-class Lead Generation and Sales enablement and content marketing tools to the self-sufficient sales leader. Why Consider this Opportunity? This position provides uncapped commissions and pays residual commissions on your accounts. We also provide a Base Salary and Training. You are paid on the net revenue generated by your dealers for as long as you service and maintain those accounts. You will learn a LOT about Cold calling and warm calling, or bring that with you, but you get the benefit of the Base and the Residual commission. You will be responsible for management of your calendar and deal flow and this is no small task as you will have well over 1000 potential prospects in your territory.. It is critical that you expect to be a road warrior. The good news is that you get to work during daylight hours, you get a change of scenery constantly, you get to meet new and interesting people and you will depend on them to sell your product. You will be REWARDED for your efforts…with praise, recognition on our LEADER BOARD, and with uncapped commissions. If you like seeing your name in the Top 10 list, you will like this position. If you like tracking results and Deal flow and the progress of $ in transit…you will enjoy this. You will be motivating, training, rewarding and hi-5-ing the staff and dealers in your network. Something interesting about our spot in the market…. The Independent Used Car Dealer market and used cars at franchise dealers are fairly resilient to up swings and down swings in the economy… in Good times… lower income people bump up to our ideal car dealer inventory… in Bad times… people with more income abandon their new cars and buy a used car from our ideal dealer. You might: Be or have been in Outside Sales including: Uniforms, Laundry Service, AFLAC or Similar, Building Materials, Copier or Imaging, Office Equipment or Supplies, Commercial Insurance, Pharma Sales, Rental Car Management, Retail Management (key holder), Food or Beverage B2B Sales, Bartender, maybe you had a “side hustle” while working another job, perhaps you sold magazines or knives or something similar in college, or were part of a student calling program. Dealership experience is good, but not necessary. If you think Controlling your own Destiny and working out of your vehicle with Freedom and being focused on Sales Results and numbers and moving fast to make more money this week sounds good, then we hope to hear from you. About You (we are looking for someone special) The position of Account Acquisition Sales Representative is on the front lines of expanding our account footprint. This professional will operate in a pure sales and sign-up capacity of used car dealers. The right Dealer Sales Representative will be able to call on 12-16 car dealerships per day in an organized fashion, will be able to quickly warm up to the people in the dealership, ask good questions, qualify the dealer, get them to sign up on the 1st or 2nd call. Then you will have to “stay on that account” so that they understand our program, how to complete contracts, and so that they sell their first one to a car buying customer. Then you will need to again focus on them until they get their 2nd, 5th, then 10th contract and so on. You will use a combination of peer pressure, reward, training, incentives, gratitude, etc. to help the dealership sell more of your(our) product. Duties and Responsibilities for Dealer Sales Representative include: Initiate contact with Dealership, Consultative Sales Process, and Close Dealership Agreements Follow up and Follow through to get Used Car Service Contract Agreements in and paid for Communicate Dealer Contact Status weekly to Sales Manager Communicate Dealer Pipeline/Funnel progress weekly via email Build relationships and set appointments Solicit new leads through networking Adhere to management policies and procedures Have a Driver's License and access to a Reliable Vehicle with No Restrictions Be willing and able to get in and out of your vehicle 15-16 times per day and lift objects from the trunk or backseat that are up to 25 lb (paper supplies, brochures, etc.) Criminal Background Check will be a Contingency of any Offers of At-Will Employment. The Bad Stuff So, let's be honest… we know this is an amazing opportunity for both you and for us. But, there is always a downside and this is it: There is LOADS of opportunity and dealerships to call on and sell to, but this means you will be covering a lot of ground at a rapid pace, day in and day out, in your vehicle. Some people love this, some do not. You must be comfortable with cold walk in sales calls. You must not have an extreme “Need for People to Like You” because there will be resistance from your prospect accounts and they are called on by other similar companies. There will be times when there is a Claim on a vehicle that is not paid in its entirety or at all due to negligence by the dealer or by the customer and you need to be resilient to losing accounts. This is why we are Prospecting all the time. You need to jump in and be willing to deal with conflict between your company and the dealership. The Fun Stuff This Company is growing, changing, improving, and we are having a lot of fun doing it. We are calling each other and challenging each other to climb the “Top 10 List”. Our new VP of Sales has been a successful Sales Representative, Regional Manager and now VP of sales…he has been where we all start out. Peer support is excellent. In this job you CAN make a 6 Figure Income while having freedom. You will learn how to Prospect, Sell, and manage a territory if you do not already know those things. You will be joining the Used Car Dealer world and we hope you do not leave, but if you do you will have a Tremendous Network. We hope that you consider joining us! To be considered, please complete the information below. Resume is Not Required at this stage, but is helpful. Your information will be held in confidence. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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