Serious Real Estate Investor Associate

Washington, DC
Jul 17, 2017
Aug 07, 2017
Accountant, IT
Full Time
Job Description Do you have a level of dissatisfaction, not enough time with your family, not a good enough future, sick and tired of working for a boss, stress of the job taking its toll on you, not knowing the security of your job or continuously looking for employment, is credit card debt and student loans eating up your cash flow? Would you like a career path that will give you security, stability, financial freedom and independence and a better way to support your family and grow? Would you like to promote yourself from a W-2 job into entrepreneurship, Real Estate Investor? Would you like to take back and reclaim your money that is lost to taxes, interest, fees, and insurance by eliminating being a W-2 employee? Would like to be compensated financially as you learn to become a Real Estate Investor? Would you like to make six figures from home and would like a plan to do that and start part-time or full-time? Would like to bypass the financial roadblocks that have stopped you from succeeding? Would like to build wealth when that exchange is through solving problems, creating value, serving others through purpose. Would like to know more about Velocity Banking to pay off debts faster which in turn ignites your money so it gathers velocity? Do you even know what Velocity Banking is? Better ASK! Would like to learn the Real Estate Investor process to create a financially successful business and have great resources when it comes to people that are willing to educate you and expand your investing universe with a nationally recognized real estate investment group? Ready to INVEST in YOURSELF with a Rock-Solid complete system to build a real estate investment portfolio which will be your success in Real Estate Investing by working with our Real Estate Investing Team? All your questions will be answered as you move along through our 3 step process. This is what is unique about our business, it is very transparent and gives everyone an opportunity to evaluate to see” If you're the kind of person who wants to break free from limited thinking and finally get whatever you want in life.” Have you ever asked, “Why am I not where I want to be financially, mentally, or spiritually?” You've done everything that you can…but there's still “something” holding you back. The 3 step process gives you the opportunity to see, is this for me. Live the life you deserve to have by the choices you make. What do you want? Please submit your resume for consideration and RSVP registration to view a 15-minute video of the company overview Company Description We are a National Real Estate Investors Group looking to change lives, applicants must be willing to attend online meetings, educational and training programs. To become a part of a community of investors that are committed to your success. This is an "earn while you learn" position. You will have the opportunity to learn how to do real estate investing, tax and legal strategies, fix & flips, and wholesaling. This opportunity also allows you to earn money marketing the real estate investment courses. You will be paid quite well for your efforts. During your training we provide direct support which gives you a strong foundation for a successful future in real estate investing. Requirements: Must be teachable, and have internet, and computer/laptop.Serious inquires only. To apply, please reply with your resume. Please include your Full Name, Cell Number,and Email Address, an associate will contact you promptly via email. Job Type: Full-time/Part time This job is fully commission based

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