L & L Inc. - dba L & L Rail and Fence
Baltimore, MD
Jul 17, 2017
Aug 07, 2017
Specialty Trades
Full Time
Job Description Construction-Crew Leader ( Foreman ) Responsibilities / Requirement / Expectations (Lead By Example) Quality Ensure that all work is performed safely, accurately and to the required specification at the construction site Ensure that all work is 100% complete and up to L & L Standards (ie Perfect) Ensure that attention to detail is given to all aspects of project. Quantity Ensure that all construction crew members are performing required tasks in specified time. Ensure that all work is completed on schedule. General Knowledge Analytical Ability Analyze facts and provide acceptable solutions or recommendations to resolve problems or increase productivity levels. Judgement Properly interpret a situation and make sound evaluations and decisions. Consult ProjectManagers if needed. If changes were required your Project Manager must be informed of the specifics. Initiative Assume responsibility for one's actions, increase your level of responsibility as well as improving one's job related skills and abilities without supervision or directive from management. Job Understanding Ability to clearly and fully understand the nature and function of one's jobs and assignments. If for any reason you do not fully understand the instructions provided by the Project Manager in regards to each project you must clarify the details so that you completely understand the scope of work to be performed. If you don't understand say so ! You will be held accountable for errors made due to lack of understanding. Equipment Knowledge Understand how to safely operate and follow safety regulations of each individual tool / machine. Train crew members on proper uses and operation as needed . Understand how to properly set up tools / machines for the required task. Understand how to perform basic cleaning and maintenance on all equipment. Delegate weekly cleaning and maintenance of equipment to a specific crew member. Observe all safety rules and regulation as well as enforce. Remove crew member from task if unable to operate tools safely. Report any unsafe activity by crew members to Project Managers immediately. Communication Skills Be respectful and courteous to all members of management, coworkers and customers. Ensure that crew members are respectful and courteous to all members of management, coworkers and customers as well. Job Dependability Observe and enforce work hours including breaks and lunch. Be punctual Follow instructions from management. Plan and organize projects. Observe and enforce rules and regulations set forth by company. Coordinate with others to increase safety awareness, manage inventory and increase efficiency by offering suggestion. Adapt to changing conditions as required. Be self motivated. Perform well under pressure. CREW LEADER RESPONSIBILITIES Essential Functions Lead and participate in the work assigned to your crew via daily worksheets, monitor and guide crew members to ensure safe and effective completion of projects. Work with management to relay important information to your crew in preparing for projects and activities. Assign tasks to helpers, record work activity at the end of each day (time and material jobs), report project status daily and weekly to management. When out of state text Kayla clock in and clock out times with names of crew members and state you worked in at the end of each day. Work with other crew leaders / crew members to keep trucks organized and clean to ensure safety, productivity and protection of L & L assets. Responsibilities performed by Crew Leader: Weekly inspection of cords, ladders, and tools. Report damage to management. Daily inspection of Personal Protection Equipment. Daily inspection of truck to insure that all tools are accounted for and in their proper place. Responsibilities to be delegated to Crew Members: Clean and organize interior of trucks weekly. Remove debris and extra materials daily and stage in designated location. Re-fill any materials that were depleted from trucks inventory. Check Job Site for any hazards, tools and excess materials daily. Load lists before leaving yard. Create punch out lists and material lists before leaving jobsite daily. Verify that PM punch out lists are completed daily. Inspect quality of the work performed by crew members and note any substandard work performed and which crew member was responsible for task. Ensure that job site is clean and free of hazards during and at the end of the day. Personally verify that any locations that are potential hazards have safety measures in place. IE (ie Fall hazards require structural guardrails). Meet with Project Managers weekly Monday (6:00 am - 6;30 am) to review: Work performed during week to determine if projects are on schedule and make adjustments to schedule if needed. Discuss Project for the following week: Provide feedback to project managers on performance of crew members. Make Project Managers aware of any issues with trucks or equipment. Prepare time sheets from previous week as well as job specific documents and turn in to project manager. Responsibilities of Crew Leaders after Mtg: Contact crew members to make them aware of the following: Start times for coming week if different from 6:30 Am. Any overnight stays and number of nights involved. Changes in hours. Any gear required for specific jobs. Ensure that trucks are fueled, loaded and materials are properly secured to truck / trailer ​and trailers are properly secured to trucks.

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