Human Resources Specialist (Program Management Evaluations), NF-04/05

Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Jul 10, 2017
Jul 25, 2017
Full Time

About the Agency

It is the applicant's responsibility to read all sections and associated links in this vacancy announcement.

This position may be filled at either NF-04 or NF-05 grade level. If selected at the lower grade level, incumbent may be non-competitively promoted to the next grade level in the time frame allowed by regulations and upon management's request. Promotion is contingent upon satisfactory completion of required training, regulatory requirements, and demonstrated ability to perform the duties. Promotion is not guaranteed or implied.

  • 25% or Greater
  • You may be expected to travel for this position.

  • Yes
  • You may qualify for reimbursement of relocation expenses in accordance with agency policy.

  • Direct Deposit and Social Security Card are required upon appointment
  • Meet qualification/eligibility/background requirements for this position
  • Satisfactory completion of employment verification (E-Verify) check
  • One year probationary period may be required
  • Valid passport required for overseas travel
  • QUALIFICATIONS MUST BE CLEARLY VERIFIABLE IN YOUR RESUME. GOVERNMENT POSITIONS MUST INCLUDE PAY PLAN, SERIES, GRADE, TO AND FROM DATES, AND GOVERNMENT AGENCY/DEPARTMENT. All qualification requirements must include experience performing duties equivalent in scope and complexity to the next lower grade level.
    NF-04 Minimum Qualification Requirements: Must possess at least one year of technical and specialized work experience in multiple areas of NAF or federal civilian human resources (i.e., staffing, pay administration and classification, training, labor/management employee relations, awards, benefits, and regulatory compliance). Must have demonstrated experience in providing advice and guidance on routine to difficult personnel issues. A demonstrated broad knowledge is required in human resources policies, administrative regulations, and employee rights and services. Must possess experience maintaining automated personnel databases, electronic records, and files. Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Power Point, and other software. Must be highly skilled in verbal and written communications.
    *In addition to the above, highly-qualified candidates at the NF-04 level will have experience within the past two years as an HR specialist within the Department of Defense.

    NF-05 Minimum Qualification Requirements: At least one year of specialized work experience which demonstrates subject-matter expertise in NAF or federal civilian human resources principles, concepts, regulations, and basic laws. Demonstrated experience in analyzing, evaluating, and recommending appropriate resolutions to complex interrelated human resources problems and issues. Must have demonstrated experience providing advice and guidance to senior leaders, managers, and customers. Must possess the demonstrated knowledge necessary to lead teams conducting HR policy compliance assessments and provide recommendations for improvement. Must have experience demonstrating the ability to facilitate survey focus groups and evaluate findings.
    *In addition to all of the requirements above, highly-qualified candidates at the NF-05 level will also possess at least one of the following:
    1. Experience within the past two years as a chief of a human resources office with responsibility or oversight of NAF employees.
    2. Experience within the past two years as a chief or human resources specialist at a region, HQs, or comparable level within the Department of Defense.
    3. Experience within the past two years serving in a position at the region or HQs level which required expert-level knowledge in at least one of the following functional areas: Staffing, classification, management-employee relations, training and development, or DoD NAF Personnel Policy interpretation.
    Only those candidates meeting highly-qualifying criteria will be initially referred. An additional referral including candidates meeting only minimum qualifications will be issued at management's request.

    Education is not required for this position and will not be utilized in determining minimum qualifications. If you would like for your education to be considered by the hiring panel as part of your overall accomplishments, you must attach copies of transcripts (online transcripts will be accepted). Only education from accredited and pre-accredited institutions will be accepted. Foreign education must be evaluated for equivalency in the United States. For more information, please click here.

    Conditions of Employment
    If selected, a completed and signed copy of our job application (DA Form 3433) is required prior to entrance on duty. (Click here to view the form).

    Not Applicable


    Duties performed at the NF-04 level are developmental in nature, leading to advancement to the position of Human Resources Specialist (Program Management Evaluations), NF-201-5, pd#19446. Upon successful completion of training and meeting of eligibility requirements of the higher grade, incumbent may be promoted non-competitively. Performs the duties of pd#19446 with the following differences: Under close supervision, incumbent receives developmental assignments and attends formal training courses. Supervision is provided by the supervisor, a subject matter expert, through the developmental stage. Non-competitive promotion of the incumbent to the full performance position may be effected upon completion of one year of satisfactory performance and developmental requirements, and provided the target position guide is classifiable to its present title, pay plan, series, and pay band level at the time the incumbent is performing the full scope of the major duties under the proper level of supervision.

    NF-05: Plans and leads Civilian Human Resources (CHR) NAF Army-wide Program Management Evaluations (PMEs) designed to assess the current state of the CHR program. Applies a comprehensive knowledge of personnel management theory, principles, practices, and current legal, regulatory, or procedural requirements in performing the duties as a senior specialist. Assesses how effectively managers and supervisors execute their CHR program responsibilities and promotes practices that will help the Army achieve the best utilization of its workforce.
    As a team member or rotating team leader, executes on-site evaluations ensuring extensive coverage of all aspects of the NAF CHR PME. Identifies areas requiring further study or improvement, establishes parameters, timelines, and assignments. Evaluates the current state of delivery and execution of all applicable laws, rules, regulations and procedures pertaining to staffing/recruitment, position management/classification, labor relations/management and employee relations, human resources development, and special, one-of-a-kind evaluations/studies.
    Writes reports of evaluation findings, including identifying any systemic issues. Recommends appropriate action to improve program administration and finalizes corrective action cases.
    Reviews and provides feedback in all Human Resources programs, on topics ranging from specific case findings to providing responses to proposed guidance from the Department of Defense and HQ Department of the Army. Furnishes authoritative advice and counsel on the full range of matters pertinent to HR program areas to Garrison Commanders, management, and personnel specialists throughout the Army. Collects, reviews, and analyzes programmatic information and data and provides comprehensive assessment of program success and deficiencies to all levels of Army management.

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