Survival Field Training Instructor

Ft Rucker, AL
Jul 10, 2017
Sep 25, 2017
Full Time
Will provide Full Spectrum Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Level C Instruction and instructional support services at Fort Rucker, AL.

The mission of the United States Army Full Spectrum SERE Level C Course is to ensure each student graduates with the confidence and appropriate proficiency level to employ SERE and individual Personnel Recovery (PR) tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) necessary to survive and return with honor regardless of the circumstances of isolation.

This is a very demanding environment, with academic instruction, small group hands-on field training, practical application laboratory instruction, and operational performance exercise phases of training.

The course length coupled with the OPTEMPO will require that multiple classes run simultaneously with some overlap, hours worked will depend on class scheduling and will encompass some Weekends and Holidays.

Survival Instructors shall perform all Survival-related Field Training, to include meeting survival needs during Evasion Movement training, and participate in debriefing of survival training phase IAW SERE Level-C POI and U.S. Army SERE School SOP.

Duties and Responsibilities: The Instructor shall conduct field training and/or SERE technical training IAW all applicable documents, publications, and references. Personnel shall be proficient in all aspects of survival training (i.e., personal protection, building shelters and fires, preserving food and water, plant and wildlife, sanitation and hygiene practices, and personnel recovery tactics techniques and procedures). Contractor personnel shall be proficient in the use of maps, compasses, and GPS, and have a working knowledge in the use of PR unique communications (i.e., Combat Survivor Evader Locator - CSEL Radio), as well as signaling and recovery devices. It is desired that personnel assigned to the “field platoon” are lifeguard qualified. Instructors must be physically capable of operating in austere field conditions. The Instructor shall provide to the PM or APM then the SERE Course Manager recommendations for validating training, syllabi, and Instructor guides for academic and SERE operations training aids and presentations for instructors. The Instructor shall manage, train, and conduct instructor certification during on-post laboratory and field training operations. The Instructor shall track, maintain, and update training logs, student hand-outs, and note-taking guides.


Additional Duties: When instructors are not actively engaged in the implementation and/or execution of student training, the Contractor shall provide support for the following SERE course and administrative activities:

  1.  Conduct the In-Service Training Program for military cadre and Contractor instructor staff.
  2. Assist with the development, maintenance, and implementation of new SERE training schedules. Research, design, develop, and recommend new SERE training doctrine relative to SERE Level-C Full Spectrum training requirements integration. In coordination with the SERE Course Manager, suggest modifications to SERE training curriculum to ensure currency and relevance to the Personnel Recovery, DOD, and JPRA SERE programs. Any changes or modification are subject to approval by the SERE Course Manager. Design, develop, and execute a continuous improvement process allowing for the improvement and implementation of internal and external logistical support requirements necessary to support the SERE training program, the U.S. Army SERE School, and Fort Rucker; Maintain SERE training facilities, and as required, SERE support facilities in clean and serviceable state; report facility issues to applicable government section personnel for submission of work orders, as appropriate. Perform supply and logistics maintenance and re-stock activities of required SERE issue items, training supplies, and necessary administrative support supplies and stocks. Support range operations by assisting with ammunition handling, loading, unloading, and clean-up.
Education Associates Degree, or the equivalent combination of education, technical certifications or training, or work/military experience.

Qualifications 1-3 years of directly related experience in course instruction.

 General: Must be U.S citizens and full spectrum SERE-C prior to the start of any employment on this contract, to include Wartime, Peacetime Governmental Detention (PGD) and Hostage Detention (HD) training. This can be accomplished by either graduating from a DoD course that combines all three training requirements, or having graduated from separate courses that trains these skillsets.

    All instructors are required to have a minimum of a SECRET clearance.Pass an initial psychological evaluation, performed by the Government’s Human Factors Psychologist.Be cognizant of, and in compliance with, the latest POI as well as DoD and Army-level Personnel Recovery and SERE training guidance and doctrineMust have the ability to prepare for critical course content and to instruct based upon lesson objectives and the capacity to motivate students based on these objectives

Physical Skills and Abilities: Instructors will be subjected to high levels of physical and mental stress in the performance of normal duties. The nature of SERE course execution requires high standards of mental and physical fitness. Your physical and mental readiness will be assessed prior to commencement of work under this contract. As a Survival Instructor you may, depending on section of assignment, participate in SERE field training exercises in rough terrain, requiring adequate physical fitness to be able to lift/carry 45 pounds, walk up to six (6) miles per day with a rucksack, and provide up to ten (10) consecutive hours of instruction.

  • If executing Role-play Instructor duties you shall conform to the following physical requirements to be considered suitable for Role-play duties: full active range of motion (FAROM) and muscle strength of 5/5 with strong resistance against gravity and examiner of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, and ankle joints; FAROM of the cervical and lumbar spine; perform upper body pushing/pulling activities while holding up to 75 pounds of supported weight; perform upper body lateral pushing/pulling activities while holding up to 75 pounds of supported weight; lift, lower, and reach overhead while holding up to 10 pounds of equipment; lift and carry 50 pounds up to 50 meters/10 minutes; lift and lower up to 75 pounds of supported weight vertically from shoulder height to ground, or from ground to shoulder height; stand for 50 minutes with a 10 minute break; navigate uneven terrain for up to 200 m.
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