SERE Logistics & ALSE Supply Manager

Ft Rucker, AL
Jul 10, 2017
Sep 25, 2017
Full Time


Personnel will provide Full Spectrum Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Level C Instruction and instructional support services at Fort Rucker, AL.

The mission of the United States Army Full Spectrum SERE Level C Course is to ensure each student graduates with the confidence and appropriate proficiency level to employ SERE and individual Personnel Recovery (PR) tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) necessary to survive and return with honor regardless of the circumstances of isolation.

SERE Mission/Administrative Support. In addition to the primary training mission related to the design, development, and delivery of SERE instruction to students, the Contractor shall provide mission support and administrative services necessary to ensure daily operational, administrative support and execution of SERE training. Mission Support activities facilitate the ongoing support of required U.S. Army SERE School functions at all times regardless of number of scheduled SERE classes in session.

Duties and Responsibilities: Tasks include, but are not limited to the following activities:

    Provide education and training to contract supply and logistics technicians that shall enable them to obtain access to necessary Government supply and logistics web-based systems required to perform their duties. Conduct supply inventories. Track supply requests in the various Government supply and logistics automated systems. Assist with the maintenance and accountability of supplies Assist the Commander, U.S. Army SERE School in the identification of supply requirements necessary to support the continued operation of the school. Property Book/Hand Receipt processes and management. Assist with maintenance of all SERE-issued equipment, to include the sewing and repairing/ensuring serviceability of equipment, operator level maintenance, and Combat Survivor Evader Locator (CSEL) radios. Provide 20 each live, healthy, adult-sized chickens and 20 each live, healthy, adult-sized rabbits per class iteration. The Contractor shall ensure that these animals are maintained in a healthy live state until their required use in training. These live training aids shall be procured by the Contractor and delivered to designated SERE training areas. Specific locations will be identified during the phase-in period. Provide 13 portable latrines, with all required servicing, cleaning, and supplies to support the following SERE training locations:
(1) (Exact placement of portable latrines in each area will be done in coordination with SERE personnel to ensure placement does not negatively impact the training)

(2) Training area 38 South camp or Training Area 16: North camp; quantity 2, available for service Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

(3) Training Area 38: HD; quantity 6, available for service Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

(4) Training Area 38: Buckhorn lake: quantity 2, available for service Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

(5) Tac-X; quantity 3, available for service Monday or Tuesday.

(6) Contractor shall ensure these latrines may be relocated within 48 hours, if necessary, to accommodate training requirements.

  1. Delivery of Food and Water. The Contractor shall transport food and water under this contract in delivery conveyances maintained to prevent tampering with and / or adulteration or contamination of the supplies, and if applicable, equipped to maintain a prescribed temperature. All delivery vehicles will also be subject to inspection at all times and all places by the COR, Post Veterinarian, and / or Law enforcement Officials. When the sanitary conditions of the delivery conveyance have led or may lead to product contamination, adulteration, or constitute a health hazard, or the delivery conveyance is not equipped to maintain prescribed temperatures or the transport results in product "unfit for intended purpose", supplies tendered for acceptance may be rejected without further inspection. The Contractor shall ensure that all products and/or packaging have not been tampered or contaminated. Delivery Conveyances will be locked or sealed at all times, except when actively loading or unloading. Unsecured vehicles will not be left unattended. All incoming truck drivers will provide adequate identification upon request. In the event of an identified threat to an installation, or a heightened force protection/Homeland Security threat level, the Contractor may be required to adjust delivery routes to minimize vulnerability risks and enable direct delivery to DOD facilities.
  2. Submit status of all areas of responsibility in a weekly report NLT 0900 the first duty day after the week reported.

Additional Duties: When Support Personnel are not actively engaged in the implementation and/or execution of student training, personnel shall provide support for the following SERE course and administrative activities:

    Conduct the In-Service Training Program for military cadre and Contractor instructor staff. Assist with the development, maintenance, and implementation of new SERE training schedules. Research, design, develop, and recommend new SERE training doctrine relative to SERE Level-C Full Spectrum training requirements integration. In coordination with the SERE Course Manager, suggest modifications to SERE training curriculum to ensure currency and relevance to the Personnel Recovery, DOD, and JPRA SERE programs. Any changes or modification are subject to approval by the SERE Course Manager. Design, develop, and execute a continuous improvement process allowing for the improvement and implementation of internal and external logistical support requirements necessary to support the SERE training program, the U.S. Army SERE School, and Fort Rucker; Maintain SERE training facilities, and as required, SERE support facilities in clean and serviceable state; report facility issues to applicable government section personnel for submission of work orders, as appropriate. Perform supply and logistics maintenance and re-stock activities of required SERE issue items, training supplies, and necessary administrative support supplies and stocks. Support range operations by assisting with ammunition handling, loading, unloading, and clean-up


Education Requires a High School Diploma or GED.

Qualifications 3-5 years of related inventory management experience.


    All Support Personnel are required to have a minimum of a SECRET clearanceAll personnel shall ensure the adherence to the professional standards of behavior IAW with Contractor’s QCP and all applicable Army, TRADOC, and Fort Rucker regulations, and U.S. Army SERE School SOP and policies. Personnel shall refrain from conduct, on- or off-duty, that brings discredit and undue scrutiny onto the SERE program.
Minimum Qualifications: Unless otherwise stated personnel shall demonstrate documented successful experience, of similar size and scope, for this respective position. Personnel must possess a proven ability to plan, organize and develop schedules and milestones for program goals and monitor progress in sufficient time for corrective action to be taken. All personnel must be computer literate (i.e., Word, Excel, Power Point, etc).

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