Hand Inserter

Apr 17, 2017
Aug 08, 2017
Full Time

General Identifying Information:
Department: Mailroom
Shift length: varies from 4 to 8.5 hours (includes a 30 minute lunch)
Hours: Vary between 8pm and 3am
Employer Information:
The Washington Post
7171 Wimsatt Rd
Springfield, VA 22151
Position Information:
Job Purpose:
„h Assists in preparing newspapers for dispatch from the mailroom by performing the following duties:
Tasks Performed:
„h Lifts insert sections off skids and on to press line or table
„h Puts advertising and other inserts in to individual papers.
„h Lifts bundles weighing up to 30 pounds (25-40 newspapers) off press line and stacks on skids at a rate of about one every 2-3 minutes
Equipment/Aides Utilized:
„h Occasional use of a ring knife to cut straps on bundles
„h There is no use of power tools or operation of machinery
Product/Materials Handled:
„h Newspapers
„h Inserts
Job Site Environment:
Work Site:
„h Inside 100%
Temperature Factors: (extreme heat, cold, humidity or temperature changes)
„h N/A
Noise Factors:
„h Continuous; must utilize provided protective devices (earplugs)
„h N/A
Air Quality Factors:
„h Dust, odors
„h Face masks are provided
Working Surfaces:
„h Even
„h Flat/Hard
„h Dry
Relationships with Co-Workers:
„h Works with a select team
Physical Requirements:
Primary Work Position:
„h Standing
„h Walking
„h Bending
Mobility Factors:
„h Walking
„h Lift bundles on newspapers that weigh up to 30 pounds
„h Stacks bundles of inserted papers weighing up to 30 pounds on a skid
„h If a skid is stacked over five feet high, must reach above to take bundles of inserts off the skid or to place bundles on the skid
Specific Movements:
„h Trunk:
o Bend occasionally
o Twist/rotate occasionally
o Push/pull occasionally (a majority of the time objects will be on a wheeled device)
o Carry occasionally five to ten pounds
„h Arms:
o Reach occasionally
o Work with arms extended frequently
o Work with arms bent frequently
o Lift frequently five to 30 pounds
„h Legs:
o Frequent foot control and balance
o Standing for extended periods of time
„h Hands:
o Gross dexterity ¡V frequent
o Finger dexterity ¡V frequent
o Grasping/manipulation ¡V frequent
o Speed required ¡V frequent
o Bilateral coordination ¡V frequent
o Eye/hand coordination ¡V frequent

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