SME Underwater Acoustic Modeler

Maryland, USA, Bethesda
Jul 07, 2017
Aug 07, 2017
General Dynamics
Full Time

Initiates and executes acoustic modeling research and/or development studies; Analyzes problems and applies theoretical techniques to develop solutions.

1. Plans and performs advanced underwater acoustic modeling studies on new and varied problems where only general objectives are stated.

2. Acts as technical liaison with customers and sponsors, to include the preparation and presentation of high-level technical information.

3. Interprets, organizes, and coordinates overall project assignments within an assigned acoustic modeling functional area.

4. Plans and executes laboratory research.

5. Analyzes, evaluates, and plans methods of approach for projects and organizes means to achieve the solution of problems.

6. Establishes and defines the theoretical bases and principles which should apply and the empirical test procedures to be used.

7. Conducts complex investigations or tests pertaining to the development of new designs, methods, materials, or processes and investigates possible applications of results.

8. Interprets and evaluates test data and results of investigations and develops recommendations.

9. Recommends necessary corrections in technical analyses and design to ensure successful project completion.

10. Specifies equipment, materials and suppliers required for completion and implementation of projects.

11. Evaluates vendor capabilities to provide or build required services, supplies, or equipment.

12. Supervises assigned staff.

13. May serve as technical team or task leader.

14. Demonstrates creative ability through patent disclosures, problem solving, scientific reports or technical papers and articles.

15. Maintains current knowledge of relevant technologies as assigned.

16. Participates in special projects as required.

Bachelor's Degree from an accreedited educational institution in Mathematics, Physics, Acoustics, or related field.

Master's Degree strongly desired.

10-15 years of related experience in acoustic modeling.

Required Experience: Twelve years of experience in oceanographic or acoustic numerical model development, implementation, and/or data analysis; to include one or more of the following: membership in a NAVSEA-chartered working group (e.g. Signal Processing Working Group, Sensor Optimization Working Group, ASW Data Management Working Group), publication in peer-reviewed journals, and/or contributions to the Oceanographic and Atmospheric Master Library.
Ideal candidate will be a Submarine qualified Division Officer or Department Head with one or more SSN deployments in either the Weapons or Operations Departments.
Experience with Tactical Oceanography (either on board or at school house) Interested in making a difference in improving current and future ocean acoustic modelling and ASW Tactical Decision Aids for not only the Submarine Force, but the rest of the Navy's ASW Forces. Strongly desired.

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