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Jun 29, 2017
Aug 03, 2017
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The SEED Foundation (www.seedfoundation.com) was created in 1997 to establish college-preparatory urban boarding schools that prepare children both academically and socially, for success in college and beyond. In 1998, the Foundation opened The SEED Public Charter School of Washington, D.C. - the nation’s first urban public college preparatory boarding school. The school currently serves 325 students in grade 6-12. In 2015, 100% of SEED’s seniors were accepted to a four year college or universities.

All SEED students live on campus from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon when they return home for the weekend. The dormitories are organized into small “houses” of 10-12 students per life skills counselor for afternoon and evening routines such as study hall, house meetings, and social activities. We provide a safe and caring 24 hour boarding experience. Our relationship with parents and guardians is essential to the success of their child while at SEED. 

We are currently seeking a Special Education Math Teacher for Middle School (Self-contained) for 2017-2018 school year.  This individual will provide professional services to a cohort of students receiving special education services.


  • Serves as a case manager for a cohort of students receiving special education services.
  • Reviews and researches the information in student records regarding their abilities and unique needs and develops.
  • Develops English and/or math lessons for a small group of students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) that is aligned to students’ IEPS, Common Core, and SEED’s curriculum.
  • Supports a specific caseload of students in science or social studies ensuring students receiving special education services receive appropriate instructional accommodations.
  • Create a classroom environment that provides for student involvement in the learning process and enables each student to achieve learning goals.
  • Designs individualized or small group lessons to remediate students’ academic deficits
  • Manages students’ performance in the classroom and applies effective strategies to reinforce and/or modify student behavior and performance.
  • Continually assesses students’ performance and adjusts instruction accordingly to ensure students’ need are met and students master skills and concepts.
  • Utilizes assistive technology tools to support students’ learning, independence, and growth.
  • Provides testing accommodations to students with Individualized Education Plans.
  • Provides direct instruction to and supports the development of executive functioning skills to a specific caseload of students. 
  • Develops and maintains a portfolio with a variety of assessments and work samples of for a specific caseload of students to document student’s academic progress.
  • Prepares for and attends Individualized Education Plan meetings, Multidisciplinary Meetings, Manifestation Determination Review meetings.
  • Writes, implements, and monitors Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals that will guide each student's instructional program based on student assessments, needs, and strengths.
  • Implements Behavior Intervention Plans.
  • Completes all relevant special education documentation and paperwork including but not limited to Behavior Intervention Plan daily reports and quarterly IEP progress reports.
  • Participates in school management and shares responsibility for the total school program, attends staff meetings, and participates in professional development opportunities.
  • Collaborates with the Student Support Services team and participates in students’ special education meetings.
  • Communicates regularly with parents and Student Life staff regarding a specific caseload of students.
  • Attends staff meetings on Wednesdays from 4:15 to 5:15 pm.
  • Appraises his/her own effectiveness, seeks opportunities for professional growth, and demonstrates successful application of new skills and strategies in order to improve professional competence.
  • Support and participate in Student Support Services traditions.
  • Assist in general building supervision and discipline of students outside of the classroom 
  • Adhere to the professional and ethical standards as outlined in the SEED PCS Staff Handbook.
  • Complete all other duties as assigned.


  • A Bachelor or Master degree in Special Education or a related field is required.
  • Highly qualified by the District of Columbia’s standards in the area of special education and content areas taught (English/mathematics).
  • 2 to 3 years teaching experience, preferred.
  • Highly organized and able to execute tasks.
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues as well as parents/guardians.
  • Comprehensive working knowledge of Section 504 and IDEA.
  • Additional duties to be assigned as needed.

If you are interested in joining The SEED Public Charter School of Washington, D.C., we would like to hear from you. To be considered, you must forward a complete package consisting of the following: 

1.  Letter of Interest 
2.  Resume
3.  Salary History

Packets should be submitted via email to: teaching@seedschooldc.org.  
The SEED Public Charter School of Washington, D.C. is committed to the letter and spirit of equality. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national and ethnic origin in hiring and employment, nor in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship, and other programs.

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