Police Officer (Canine Technician)

Washington D.C.
Jun 28, 2017
Jul 20, 2017
Full Time

This position is located in the Canine Unit, Patrol Mobile Response Division (PMRD), Operational Services Bureau. The Canine Unit provides explosive detection capabilities, routine patrols, and other responsibilities assigned to support the mission of the Department.

The selected officer must successfully complete the PMRD Field Training Program. While assigned to the Patrol Mobile Response Division as a Canine Handler, the selected officer will serve at the rank of Technician upon successful completion of canine training. Upon separation (either voluntary or involuntarily) from the Canine Unit, the officer will be assigned to his or her prior rank.

The United States Capitol Police (USCP) is a CALEA nationally-accredited, federal law enforcement agency. The USCP safeguards the Congress, Members of Congress, employees, visitors, and Congressional buildings and grounds from crime, disruption, and terrorism. We protect and secure Congress so it can fulfill its constitutional and legislative responsibilities in a safe, secure and open environment.

We protect the legislative process, the symbol of our democracy, the people who carry out the process, and the millions of visitors who travel here to see democracy in action. We also protect everyone who visits the Capitol, who can see first-hand how we work to represent the best of America's spirit and diversity.

As a Department, we are a microcosm of America, representational of many races, colors, religions, national origins, political affiliations, sexual orientations, and ages. Our workforce is comprised of employees from nearly all 50 states and the U.S. territories. We embrace and celebrate a diverse workforce, and we believe inclusion makes our workplace stronger and respecting each individual as a person and as a professional is essential.

We act on the world stage every day of the year as a model in security, urban crime prevention, dignitary protection, specialty response capabilities, and homeland security. As ambassadors of the Congress, we are often the first face that visitors and employees encounter, and we leave a lasting impression that is reflective of the Legislative Branch and its role in America's democracy.

  • Occasional Travel
  • You may be expected to travel for this position.

  • No

  • Must be a current USCP Officer below the rank of Sergeant.
  • Must have attained the rank of Private First Class.
  • Must Possess and maintain a valid drivers license.
  • Must sucessfully complete all required training.
  • Must reside within 50 air miles of the United States Capitol Dome.
  • Must successfully pass the Canine Physical Abilities Test (PAT).
    All applicants must meet the following eligibility factors in order to be considered for the position of Canine Technician:

    1. Must reside within 50 air miles of the United States Capitol Dome, in accordance with Directive 1074.003, Home-to-Work (HTW) Vehicle Authorization and Use. An air mile is a unit of distance, equal to one international nautical mile (6,076.115 feet). The website www.distancefromto.net has been selected to calculate the distance between the candidate's address and the Capitol Dome.

    2. Candidate must be a USCP Officer below the rank of Sergeant, have attained the rank of Private First Class by the closing date of this announcement.

    3. Candidate must have a residence with a yard large enough to accommodate the issued K-9 portable outdoor E/Z kennel. Candidates must submit a letter of approval from their homeowner's association to erect a kennel, and will be required to submit approval with their application. If you do not have a homeowner's association, submit a statement to that effect.

    4. Must not be in a leave restriction status by the closing date of this announcement.

    5. Must be available to work flexible and/or additional hours.

    6. Candidate must possess and maintain a valid driver's license.

    7. Candidate must be able to obtain and maintain a government issued travel card.

    Failure to comply with any of the following retention factors will be grounds for mandatory removal from the Canine Program and will result in reassignment to a different position, demotion, or separation by appropriate procedures.

    1. Must successfully complete the USCP Canine Explosive Detection Training Program (Approximately 12 - 14 weeks in length) or a certified Vapor-Wake training program (Approximately 8 - 12 weeks if assigned as a Person Borne Improvised Explosive Device (PBIED) handler); and any other required training programs.

    2. Canine Handler Certification: The selected candidate must successfully complete the canine handler training and certification program as designated by USCP. Selected candidates must successfully complete annual certification as a K-9 team technician according to the set standards established by the agency.

    3. Must successfully complete the PMRD Field Training Officer (FTO) program.

    4. Must maintain proper care of assigned canine, Home to Work vehicle (HTW) and home kennel.

    5. The selected candidate must be able to home board a dog in his/her residence (i.e., maintain the dog in a safe and approved environment, with no problematic family allergies to dogs, etc.) and be willing to give up other pets if they are not compatible with the assigned canine.

    6. Must complete a one-year probationary period from the date rank of Technician is obtained.

    7. Must be willing to work any shift assigned.

    8. Must be able to obtain and maintain a USCP travel credit card. This position requires travel, and selected candidate must be able to travel outside the Washington Metropolitan area as required.

    9. Must maintain a valid driver's license.

    10. Must pass an annual Canine Physical Agility Test (PAT).

    Not Applicable


    The Canine Technician handles and uses trained canines in various settings and activities involving the protection of Congress, its Members, employees, visitors, and the Capitol building facilities, including but not limited to explosive detection, anti-terrorism, and/or urban protection operations involving locating and apprehending criminals.

    The Canine Technician performs surveillance of suspects, and violators to identify and apprehend suspects, bomb threats, and suspicious activities. They conduct explosive detection sweeps, and urban detection operations for the protection of life and property on the Capitol grounds.

    The Canine Technician is responsible for directing canines to perform explosive detection searches of building, office areas, vehicles (to include all modes of transportation), screen all cargo, loading docks and warehouses, parcel pick-up, shipping, receiving, packages, materials and persons as directed by proper authority and consistent with canine training. Canine Technicians seek, detect, and protect all evidence, victims, and witnesses and perform all law enforcement activities as assigned.

    Note: Multiple vacancies exist. The number of Canine Technician positions will be determined by the needs of the Department. The selection list will be active for a period of one (1) year from the date of approval of the selection memorandum. An applicant may request to be removed from consideration by sending a written request to the Office of Human Resources (OHR).

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