General Manager

Southwest DC
Jun 24, 2017
Jul 29, 2017
Full Time

Tiber Island Cooperative Homes (TICH), a historic multi-family complex located in Southwest Washington, DC, is seeking a new General Manager. This is a rare opportunity to join a capable and committed team at one of the flagship properties in the SW Waterfront neighborhood. Core staff total over 45 years of combined experience at Tiber Island.  TICH has been under cooperative ownership since 1981 and enjoys a strong financial position, pursuing large capital projects such as an ongoing elevator modernization without ever resorting to special assessments.  Tiber Island is also located next to the Wharf, a 24-acre mixed use development on the SW Waterfront.  This is an exciting time for new families moving to Southwest and TICH seeks a leader who can lead our community into the next era.

The General Manager is responsible for daily operations and maintenance of TICH’s 389-unit complex. As a self-managed property, the General Manager is responsible for preparing all financial statements, overseeing all contracts for capital projects, upholding the Corporation’s governing documents, and maintaining the day-to-day customer service to satisfy residents’ needs. This is a full-time position, with an excellent benefits package and competitive salary. The General Manager supervises a staff of 7 full-time employees and reports to the President of the Board of Directors.

Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis.



Oversees an annual budget of $4M and keeps the TICH Board of Directors (Board) regularly informed of the corporation’s fiscal and operational health, and the condition of the property. Prepares annual operating budgets and long-term reserve plans for capital improvements for Board review and adoption. Prepares monthly financial reports for presentation to the Board and the Budget and Finance Committee. Participates in annual budget process with the Treasurer and committees and prepares first draft of annual budget. Assists the accountant and audit firm in preparing taxes and performing the annual audit.  Prepares and negotiates all TICH contracts, subject to the Board’s approval.

Responsible for administering programs within budgetary guidelines. Processes invoices and prepares checks in accordance with industry standard internal controls. Regularly evaluates budget variances and recommends corrective action when advisable. Assures assessments, fines, fees, and other receivables are collected and deposited in a timely manner. Maintains low rate of delinquencies.  Ensures timely submission of Homestead exemption, Senior Tax Credit, and Trash Credit forms. 


Directly or indirectly supervises all TICH employees, including an Assistant General Manager, two other salaried staff, as well front desk attendants, porters, and maintenance workers.  Many staff have been with Tiber Island for over 10 years.

Provides leadership role for staff, including training and development as well as promoting a positive work environment. Hires, fires, supervises, and evaluates all TICH employees. Makes salary recommendations to the Board. Develops staffing plans and schedules to ensure continuous and quality service.

Customer Service

Places a high priority on providing excellent service to shareholders, many of whom have been with the Cooperative for 20 years or more.  Uses sound judgment in anticipating and responding to shareholder needs, and coordinates with staff to provide consistent follow-through.  Maintains an inviting atmosphere within the Management office as part of the property’s welcoming nature. Assists in planning annual election and other membership meetings.  Explores collaborations with neighboring properties, via initiatives such as Energize Southwest, the Waterfront Village or partnership with the adjoining Tiber Island Condominium Association.

Provides support for volunteer leadership. Uses professional judgment in proactively supporting the interests of the Board.  Identifies potential problems and recommends action to the Board.  Works in partnership with the Board and welcomes constructive feedback. Acts with professionalism and integrity when interacting with contractors, service providers, or resolving shareholder issues.  Assures regular communications between management and the Board and between the Board and the community.

Buildings and Grounds

Works in coordination with the TICH engineer to ensure proper maintenance of the infrastructure and operating systems. Develops and executes both preventive and corrective maintenance programs. Conducts regular property walks with close attention to detail and initiates corrective action as needed.  Identifies and recommends any needed repairs, alterations, or replacements.  Coordinates execution of major capital projects in cooperation with the TICH engineer and engineering consultants. Meets regularly with the Assistant General Manager and maintenance staff to ensure that preventive maintenance programs are being performed in accordance with TICH standards and that resident requests are promptly addressed. Reports the status of preventive and corrective maintenance programs to the Board.

Administers contracting procedures including development of contract requirements, bid invitations, bid analysis, contract negotiation, contact monitoring, enforcement of contract provisions, inspection and acceptance of work, and payment. Supervises all contracts through to a satisfactory and timely completion. Builds and expands Tiber Island’s network of trusted contractors, with a goal of maximizing performance as well as savings to the community and its owners/residents.


The General Manager is familiar with the requirements and limitations outlined in the governing documents, and implements and enforces all internal controls. Upholds compliance procedures and works in concert with the Board of Directors toward effective resolution of disputes. Ensures the policies, resolutions, and other acts of the Board are faithfully carried out. Provides support to legal counsel as directed by the Board. Maintains confidentiality where required, and refrains from making inaccurate or misleading representations or statements to shareholders or the Board.  Keeps full and complete membership, financial, and administrative records, as well as project documentation including contracts and construction plans.  Liaises with the Board to prepare records such as meeting minutes and annual reports.  Prepares all payroll forms accurately and in a timely manner. Continues professional education through CAI and other industry organizations and obtains appropriate professional certifications.

Responsibilities also include participation in evening Board and committee meetings 2-3 times per month, and availability to advise staff on any emergency maintenance or service issues that may arise.



  • 7-10 years of management experience, including responsibility for budget oversight and contract administration, as well as personnel decisions including the hiring, development, and discipline of staff.
  • Strong customer service background with demonstrated initiative and judgment in anticipating, prioritizing, and responding to shareholder/customer needs.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate in writing.
  • Strong administrative skills including MS Office, accounting, and HR systems. Must be a dependable steward of corporate records.
  • Proven adaptability in forging new relationships, as required when reporting to a revolving nine-member volunteer Board.
  • Commitment to detail, e.g. contract language, statements to shareholders, or property maintenance/appearance.
  • Undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Excellent references from previous properties or other prior employers.


  • Experience in property management for cooperative housing associations.
  • Expertise with BuildingLink software.
  • Knowledge of residential construction and building systems.
  • Certifications: Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), Association Management Specialist (AMS), Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM), and/or M-100 training certification as offered by the Community Associations Institute.
  • Advanced degrees or certifications such as CPA, MBA, or certified engineer.

About Tiber Island:

Built in 1965, the property includes four, eight-story high-rise towers and 21 townhomes.  Approximately 60% of the units are owner-occupied and 40% are units owned by investor shareholders and occupied by renters. Amenities include a community room, outdoor pool, exercise rooms, laundry facilities, and secure underground parking.  Tiber Island also includes the Thomas Law House – an 18th century residence on the National Register of Historic Places – as well as extensive green space and landscaping.

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