Senior Operations Specialist (SOS) Operational Troop

Fort Meade, MD
Jun 20, 2017
Jun 21, 2017
Full Time
Job Description Summary: The Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) Operations Support Services Senior Operations Specialist for the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) at the US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). The AWG, headquartered at Fort Meade, Maryland, is the lead organization to provide the Army with global perspective and expertise in full-spectrum training, planning, and execution of countermeasures to AW. The AWG personnel are seasoned war fighters and functional area experts who identify and develop Army solutions for AW capability gaps. AW are operations conducted by any government or non-government entity (including terrorists, guerillas, militias, and paramilitaries) to limit military effectiveness while achieving their political objectives. AW operations are conducted at the strategic, operational, tactical, and cyber levels to attack military and civilian targets. Objectives of these AW operations are to undermine US/Allied political, military, economical, and psychological strengths and the will to win. The AWG provides observation, analysis, training, and advisory support to Army and Joint Force units to enhance their capabilities to predict, mitigate, counter, and defeat asymmetric threats and methods. The goal of AWG is to improve the capabilities of the US Army at the operational and tactical levels during the conduct of unified land operations. AWG enhances the capabilities of US units by making them faster and more adept at identifying and attacking enemy vulnerabilities, and by preparing them for a broader spectrum of threats. Provide Operations Support at the Squadron and Troop level to advise the leadership on the best utilization of contract resources; manage and provide oversight of the contract workforce; support mission planning and development of Squadron engagement strategies; and, provide advisory support to the Army's operational force and institutional activities. Specific duties may include, but are not limited to: Provide advice to Squadron and Troop leadership on the capabilities, requirements, and employment of contracted personnel in support of operational requirements. Manage and ensure contracted personnel comply with training and administrative requirements to support global deployments to include, but not limited to: International Traffic in Arms Regulations; Rules for the Use of Force per Geographic Command requirements; Combatant Command pre-deployment training and theater entry requirements. Ensure required deliverables are completed within the established suspense and standards IAW AWG SOPs. Provide experience-based advisory support to US forces (from team to Army Service Component/ Army level) at home station, training centers, and deployed locations covering a broad scope of tactical and operational requirements in support of both combat and theater security cooperation missions. During deployments, conducts tactical embeds with AWG Soldiers to advise and assist units in overcoming current challenges; and, to observe, analyze, and report on conventional and asymmetric threats, enemy vulnerabilities, and friendly capability gaps with the aim of improving the effectiveness of the future force. Required qualifications: The often-ambiguous nature of emerging requirements, the austere conditions in different operating environments, and level of engagements within the Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational community requires highly trained, experienced, physically capable, and adaptive professionals who exemplify the Army Values. The contractor will provide personnel with: Successful leadership (coded supervisory or command) positions of increasing responsibility culminating at no lower than battalion level (or service equivalent); and operational experience (including both tactical mission and operations / plans staff experience) with US Army Special Operations Forces (SOF) or Special Mission Units (SMU). Intermediate-level managerial and administrative experience to direct and provide oversight of other contract personnel. Possess extensive experience across the range of Special Operations core activities (unconventional warfare, counterterrorism, foreign internal defense, security force assistance, direct action, special reconnaissance, military information support operations, and civil affairs operations). Recent and relevant experience with JIIM operations beyond the tactical level and across the range of military operations. Extensive experience and maturity in operating with small teams under austere and ambiguous conditions to quickly establish rapport and team work to achieve mission objectives. Extensive experience in advising and training US and partner forces; but must also possess the aptitude to concurrently assess the operational environment to inform future operations, programs, and policies, and its effects on the design of future force capabilities. Ability to research, analyze, and synthesize information to develop informed solutions, concepts and recommendations. Advanced proficiency with weapons (M4 and M9 minimum), expeditionary communications, trauma and wilderness medical care, and personnel recovery. Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills to engage tactical, operational, and strategic level leaders within the JIIM environment. Contractor employees are required to maintain a TS-SCI Security Clearance. Must meet and maintain the physical requirements outlined in the Performance Work Statement (to include the ability to carry operational load equipment of approximately 55 pounds. Contractor employees shall possess and maintain a level of physical fitness which enables them to operate in field conditions where they may have to, at a minimum, tolerate heat well in excess of 110 degrees in the summer and cold or freezing conditions during the winter. In addition, Contractors working under this contract must be able to pass an age-adjusted Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) on a no-notice or semi-annual basis (as identified in the specific functional task areas-section 5.0). Deployable Contractor personnel must be physically and medically qualified to deploy to OCONUS locations). Clearance: Employees are required to maintain a TS-SCI Security Clearance. Travel: The Senior Operations Specialist will travel CONUS/OCONUS (up to 70% of the time) to provide home station advisory support to conventional and SOF units and deploy OCONUS locations, to include semi-permissive and combat environments, to provide operational advisory supports to forward deployed conventional and SOF elements. Deployments typically don't exceed four months at a time, however, the Contractor must be able to deploy within 5 business days of notice. Company Description A leading provider of complex risk management and operational support services worldwide, Constellis combines the legacy capabilities and experience of ACADEMI, Triple Canopy, Olive Group, Edinburgh International, Strategic Social and all of their affiliates. From life support, procurement and operations and maintenance to high-threat protection, C4i systems integration and kidnap and response services, we offer a wide range of solutions to help clients operate safely and efficiently no matter where they are in the world.

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