Audio/Visual Support Technician (TS)

Washington, DC
Jun 20, 2017
Jul 05, 2017
Specialty Trades
Full Time
Job Responsibilities:
This task includes continuing requirements for the engineering, integrating, deploying, and installing
audio and video (A/V) display and A/V management systems for defined single- and multi-room areas as
well as for single and multiple sites. Work to be accomplished includes designing conference and other
meeting spaces, developing documentation to support lifecycle activities related to such spaces, installing A/V systems, troubleshooting A/V systems and components, and performing other lifecycle support activities in accordance with FBI standards. Requirements to perform the work in this task apply to both unclassified and classified processing environments up to and including the SCI level.


***Contract requires up to 25% CONUS Travel.***


. The contractor shall provide high level technical knowledge required for engineering,
integrating, deploying, and installing A/V systems, including familiarity with foundation
technologies, networking, server, operating systems, and terminology.
. The contractor shall engineer A/V systems for spaces that meet standardized criteria and custom
requirements for offices, conference rooms, and other mission-centered spaces.
. The contractor shall schedule and coordinate with the government lead the procurement of the
recommended hardware, software, and necessary resources to complete project tasks.
. The contractor shall support the acquisition process for engineering requisitions.
. The contractor shall perform technology assessments for candidate products and technologies.
. The contractor shall interact with other vendors in a professional manner to support
demonstrations, meetings, and other technical venues as requested to meet meeting or venue
. The contractor shall coordinate and perform site surveys in support of new A/V system
. The contractor shall coordinate and perform on-site assessments of existing A/V systems to
verify configurations, support documentation, available resources, and environment constraints.
. The contractor shall deploy systems that comply with established FBI and other industry best
. The contractor shall install A/V systems and provide support for installing systems as required.
. The contractor shall troubleshoot A/V systems and provide support for continuous operation of
A/V systems as required.
. The contractor shall recommend to the government specific remediation of any non-serviceable
and non-repairable A/V systems within one business day of becoming aware of such systems.
. The contractor shall remediate A/V systems as approved by the government.
. The contractor shall provide technical management support to transition new products as
standard and supported products.
. The contractor shall provide engineering documentation support, consisting of technical review,
editing, and formatting of technical work products. Work products typically use Microsoft
product standards.
. The contractor shall review, update, and manage information in standard repositories.
Information repositories may include, but are not limited to, property management, standard
product lists, and SharePoint lists.
. The contractor shall provide information updates as requested to support government-managed
data collections.
. The contractor shall maintain and report on engineering accomplishments on a weekly basis.
. The contractor shall administer engineering resource data to ensure currency and accuracy of the
data in standard enterprise repositories such as BPMS and directories.
. The contractor shall maintain clearances to regularly work in FBI SCIF facilities.

Education Associates Degree in a related technical discipline, or the equivalent combination of education, technical certifications or training, or work experience.

Qualifications Minimum of 2 years of AV/VTC experience.Excellent knowledge of A/V equipment functions and usage.Excellent computer skills with knowledge of Mac & PC operating systems.Excellent skills in PowerPoint and Keynote programs.Excellent communication skills with an ability to give instructions about operating A/V equipment.Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.Ability to plan and manage work responsibilities under time constraints, without direct supervision.