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Cheverly, MD
Jun 19, 2017
Jul 06, 2017
Full Time

Reporting to a Nursing Director and working under the direct professional supervision of an RN preceptor, the Nurse Graduate participates in the Corporate-sponsored Nurse Internship Program through successful completion of the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) at which time the nurse transitions into a regular Clinical RN position but continues in the Graduate Nurse Internship Program.  The Nurse Graduate performs limited Clinical RN duties as stated by the Maryland Board of Nursing and described in this job description.


Under the direct professional supervision of the registered nurse; the Graduate Nurse:

  • Manages the cardiovascular / respiratory statuses by:
    • Maintaining thermoregulation of patient, participating in Code Blue/ Rapid Response appropriately, assessing and monitoring cardiac/respiratory status, managing peripheral and intravascular access lines, caring for patients with pacemakers, managing oxygen therapies as needed
    • Manages the neurologic patient status by assessing neurological status and intervening appropriately when a deficit is noted
    • Manages the integument system of the patient by assessing skin condition, implementing measures which prevent skin breakdown, intervening when appropriate to provide wound/skin care.
    • Manages the fluid and electrolyte balance of the patient by: 
      • Monitoring I&O, assessing for fluid status, administering fluid/electrolyte replacements as needed, caring for drains.
    • Manages the GU/GI systems of the patient by:
      • Assessing and providing proper dietary intake, intervenes for NGT/PEG/GT/RT/stoma problems, providing ostomy care, maintaining GI drains, managing peritoneal dialysis patients.
    • Manages the comfort and psychosocial needs of the patient by:

      • Assessing for level of comfort, appropriately intervening to relieve discomfort, administering pain medication correctly, monitoring effectiveness of interventions, providing emotional support, serving as advocate for patient.
      • Utilizes appropriate resources (such as Pediatric Unit Staff) to provide guidance/direction/expertise in this area).
      • Provides education/information to the patient, family, and/or significant other.
      • Under the direction of the registered nurse, appropriately admits, transfers, and discharges patients per DHS standard/policies and complies with Advanced Directive requirements.
      • Observes standard precautions and practices aseptic technique in caring for the patient.
  • Under the direct professional supervision of the registered nurse; The Graduate Nurse:

    • Communicates in writing accurately and promptly (per DHS standard) including the following:  patient information, admission database, unit issues under the direct supervision and co-signing of a registered nurse

    • Attends at least 50% of departmental staff meetings
    • Participates in and assists in giving and receiving report on scheduled shift as determined by Nurse Manager or designee.
    • Operates the unit communication systems, facilitates unit communication and relays messages appropriately (per DHS standard) including emergency communications, patient needs, telephone and intercom communications, and other departmental communications.
  • Following skill validation, documents patient care/assessment data on the appropriate nursing record including: vital signs, treatments, nursing care procedures, sterile dressings, performing blood sugar testing and obtaining specimens.
  • Transcription of Medication orders:
    • Transcribes medication orders per written policies and procedures once skill validation has been successfully completed.
    • Administers medications and controlled substances and signs controlled substances sheets.
    • Documents in the medical record with the abbreviation “NG”.
  • The Graduate Nurse:
    • Is required to pass NCLEX exam within 90 days of graduation from a board approved registered nursing education program.
    • Maintains current job-related knowledge and seeks opportunities to advance that knowledge through continuing education, seminars, and other educational offerings
    • Participates in on-going evaluation of job performance and identifies personal & professional goals and objectives during each appraisal session.
    • Maintains job-specific & department-specific certifications and competencies.
    • Participates in hospital and departmental performance improvement activities by implementing practice improvements based on the results of departmental quality assurance activities.
    • Learns skills to organize, and coordinate assigned multidisciplinary healthcare team members
    • Provides input to Nurse Manager regarding performance of healthcare team members.
    • Manages manpower and material resources effectively and efficiently.
    • Utilizes the nursing process to effectively prioritize patient care.
  • Current Healthcare Provider BLS.

  • Demonstrates job specific computer skills, including keyboarding and data retrieval as required.
  • Graduate of a Maryland Board of Nursing approved Registered Nurse education program.


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