Entry Level Medical Transcriptionist

Med Trans Inc.
Baltimore, MD
Jun 14, 2017
Jun 21, 2017
Accountant, IT
Healthcare, Other
Full Time
Entry Level Transcriber - Work from Home - Virtual Contractor - ONLINE TRAINING* - Healthcare - Medical RecordsMed Trans, Inc. provides medical transcription services to doctors' offices and healthcare facilities across the US We recruit and train contractors to work from home either full-time or part-time as transcribers. We are seeking dedicated individuals to take advantage of our free training program* and client connections across the nation. This is a virtual position that comes with all of the benefits and flexibility that working from home permits. Previous healthcare industry experience is ideal, but otherwise this is an entry level opportunity. You can be equipped with an at home training course which can be completed in as quickly as 8 weeks. A career in Medical Transcription can be very rewarding. The growing field of Medical Transcription allows for flexibility as well as substantial income. You can earn as much as $40,000 per year. Transcribers are in high demand in today's workplace as the healthcare industry continues to grow and the insurance industry requires more and more documented information every day. Become a part of this exciting and growing field!Entry Level Transcriber - Work from Home - Virtual Contractor - ONLINE TRAINING* - Healthcare - Medical RecordsJob ResponsibilitiesAs a Medical Transcriptionist you will transcribe reports recorded by physicians and other healthcare practitioners. The types of documents include items such as, letters, chart notes and reports. You will work from home via a virtual project management site. You will be transcribing audio recordings into printed reports. These recordings, dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals, become part of permanent written records by way of your transcription services. Additional responsibilities of the role include: Transcribing dictation for a variety of reports, including: Patient histories Physical examinations Emergency room visits Operations Chart reviews Consultations Discharge summaries Translating medical jargon and abbreviations into their expanded forms Ensuring the accuracy of patient and health care facility records Editing as necessary and returning reports in electronic form for review Completing work on time, within a 24 hour time frameEntry Level Transcriber - Work from Home - Virtual Contractor - ONLINE TRAINING* - Healthcare - Medical RecordsAs a Medical Transcriber you must be a very driven individual who is ready to learn a valuable new skill and gain new knowledge and experience. This is an entry level opportunity that does not require previous experience. We offer training for candidates who are willing and ready to start a new career prospect. You must be a self-starter who is highly motivated, focused and disciplined. You must have good organizational skills and the ability to stay on target while multi-tasking effectively. You must be able to get your projects done within the allotted time period.Additional requirements of the role include: High School Diploma or Equivalent Certification Must own a Personal Computer Good English writing skills Experience in the medical or healthcare industry, a plus Ability to listen intently to recordings for details Ability to decipher dialects well, a plus Typing skills 30 - 60 WPM Must pass a general aptitude testEntry Level Transcriber - Work from Home - Virtual Contractor - ONLINE TRAINING* - Healthcare - Medical RecordsBenefits A career in Medical Transcription has never been easier since advanced technology allows voices to be transported digitally on the internet. This has created even more flexibility in the medical transcription field because it is secure and allows the transcriber to work from home. At Med Trans, we bring the work to you. We assist clients throughout the US who are in need of medical transcription services. Our online training program* will equip you with the necessary tools you need to succeed!Other benefits of the Transcriber position include: Work at home and at your own pace You make your own schedule Ability to work day or night depending on your preference High demand in several industries for transcribers Ability to spend more time with your family Avoid expenses such as daycare Save money on gas and business office attire Less wear and tear on your vehicle lowers your auto insurance Flexibility and freedom to manage yourself!Entry Level Transcriber - Work from Home - Virtual Contractor - ONLINE TRAINING* - Healthcare - Medical RecordsMed Trans, Inc.According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, "Employment of medical transcriptions is projected to grow faster on average compared to all other occupations through 2020." New healthcare legislation will add nearly 50 million Americans to health insurance, which will definitely increase the demand for more transcribers. Med Trans, Inc. offers you the opportunity to train* and work from home to become a professional Medical Transcriptionist. Join our growing virtual team of transcribers! Apply today!Learn more online at: www.medtrans.net *Med Trans Inc. has an ownership interest with Park-Youhanaie Enterprises, which makes available a MT home training course. There is a fee for this course (Approximately $487.) However, after 6 months of full time employment with Med Trans, the course fee will be fully reimbursed. No such recurring costs or other investments exist. This is a home study program developed to improve medical transcription skills and is designed to train candidates to higher industry standards. Purchasing the "Medical Transcription Made Easy" Home Study Course does not guarantee employment with Med Trans, Inc. however, statistical information has shown numerous hospitals and clinics recognize course graduates with employment opportunities.If you have experience as a medical transcriptionist, we encourage you to apply for the position as you likely do not need to re-familiarize yourself with content found in the home study course. Your experience level will be reviewed based on job availability. By providing your resume or personal contact information to Med Trans, Inc. or contacting it's's affiliated companies, you agree to receive marketing correspondences by electronic means such as by recorded broadcast messaging, email, telecommunication devices or any other method used by it's employees, contractors, or marketing partners. Entry Level Transcriber - Work from Home - Virtual Contractor - ONLINE TRAINING* - Healthcare - Medical Records We offer an educational course on medical transcribing which costs if you work full time, six months with Med Trans, Inc. There's a onetime upfront expense of approximately $480 which is refunded after the six months. The purchaser also has three days for a full refund if they desire. The course is either physical or online, whichever you choose. Employment is NOT predicated on the purchase of this course. If an applicant can demonstrate aptitude and skills based on previous experience, our course is not in play. The purchase or completion of the course does NOT guarantee employment. Market conditions affect employment placement.

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