Security Operations Technical Manager

Pittsburgh, PA
Jun 12, 2017
Oct 10, 2017
Full Time
You will work within the Monitoring & Response Directorate of the CERT Division. CERT engages with the US Government, mainly the defense and intelligence sectors, to research, develop, apply and transition complex cybersecurity solutions. CERT generates some of the highest level of original research and tackles many of the most complex problems facing cybersecurity for the US Government. You will lead a team that is thoughtfully engaged with its clients involved in emerging technology gaps and aggressively solving problems to migrate solutions to our clients.

About You:
You want to make an impact beyond your organization in the field of cybersecurity that has national security implications and impact. You want to be involved with a worldwide thought leaders in cybersecurity operations. Your strengths are motivating, inspiring and taking charge of your team while articulating your specific vision and proactive thinking on multiple projects with proven success.

Position Summary: You will assume a leadership position as Technical Manager of the Security Operations Unit (SOU). You'll be asked to lead, shape and manage the growth of a cutting edge security operations program. As the SOU lead you will develop and execute a technical agenda and strategic roadmap to continually improve the state of the art and practice of Security Operations and Incident Management/Response. The Technical Manager will communicate this technical vision and be capable of building consensus within the team and to maintain a successful culture built on high-quality and impactful customer work. This approximately fifteen-person Security Operations team works from the Pittsburgh and Arlington offices, and can have staff embedded in US Government (USG) programs throughout the country. The position of Technical Manager is responsible for all aspects of developing and executing this body of work to include setting the technical direction; managing financials; business development; and personnel issues to include performance reporting and hiring for his/her unit.

We love diverse education, experience and backgrounds, but we feel very strongly about:
Education: At a minimum, you must have a BS in Computer Science/Computer Security or related scientific/technical degree.
Experience: You have at least ten years' direct experience in cyber security or cyber intelligence operations and management. Increasing responsibility in directly managing a technical and analytical team comprising of at least 10 individuals with commensurate personnel and financial authority. Your major roles should have involved technology development, research, and applications in cyber operations.

Skills/Abilities: Your skill set should include the following:
• You can demonstrate how you have formulated, communicated with, and led a team towards a technical vision, building high-quality cyber solutions that have impacted customer work and operations.
• You have engaged in developing and executing a technical agenda and strategic roadmap involving security operations and incident management/response inside and outside your organization.
• You have an understanding of existing standards and models for security operations, incident response, and intrusion analysis and cyber threat intelligence.
• You can articulate community best practices in cyber operations and associated tools/techniques. You have experience with Internet protocols, operations, and governance.
• You have briefed strategic and technical topics to senior management and nontechnical audiences.
• Experience with fostering professional growth and develop technical/professional leadership capabilities in technical staff.

What makes your stand out as a candidate?
Education: You have at least a MS in Computer Science/Computer Security or related scientific/technical.

Experience: In addition to the minimum experience required, you have had deep exposure to the US Government in understanding their unique cybersecurity challenges and existing standards and models for security operations, incident response, intrusion analysis and cyber threat intelligence. You have supported multiple clients in an operational security environment such as incident response, intelligence, or a security operations center. You have conducted technical project management. You have sustained your team with business development activity.

• You have established and defined processes for operational security organizations, and defined best practices from community and operational experience.
• Participation in public and closed community security forums through activities such as publication, presentation, collaborative security operations, and collaborative research.
• You have practical experience leading, defining, or applying TTPs for cyber operations.
• Working knowledge of secure systems and network architecture practices.

Travel Requirement: You will most certainly travel monthly between Pittsburgh and our Arlington, VA offices as well as occasional travel to client sites, conferences and offsite meetings.

Security Clearance: You will be subject to a background check and must successfully obtain and maintain a Department of Defense Top Secret security clearance.