Life Insurance Advisors and Managers

Divine Insurance Group
Washington, DC
May 19, 2017
May 22, 2017
Full Time
Job DescriptionJob Title: Life Insurance Advisors & Managers Needed Company: Divine Insurance Group (DIG)Captive Agent Vs. Independent Agent Are you a captive agent with a low 40% contract or less? Are you vested from day one?Imagine becoming an independent agent starting at 60% contracts and earn 60% advance on all ages and payment methods with $15 dollar leads in zip codes of your choice.Monthly Production Bonuses Earn an extra check every month!Just meet our quality benchmarks and your monthly production can earn you up to $2,000 each month! Email us today to get started!! Contracts start at *70% (9-months advance commissions with very high residuals)When considering a Final Expense opportunity, always ask yourself these important questions:Am I limiting myself to just ONE final expense product that me ultimately limits my income?Should I remain contracted with a company that upholds a two-year policy-writing period before I am entitled to renewals? Or would I rather become vested with a company that guarantees my right to be vested from day one?Does my company provide access to free quoting tools across all final expense carriers?Am I able to provide coverage to anyone regardless of his or her medical condition or age?Can I offer my clients $50,000 or more in final expense coverage?Can I help potential customers find FREE funeral planning and FREE funeral estate trust servicesDoes my company provide the advantage of submitting e-apps or taking apps over the phone?Am I able to include accelerated death benefits to help cover the costs of nursing home care at no additional charge?Can I submit Debit or Direct Express Cards as premium payment sources and still receive full commissions?Does my company have a graded/modified product that pays out full commissions?Can I grow my business in any state?Do I have multiple FREE and reduced cost LEAD sources?Can I offer 10 pay plans?Do I pay for offices fees, leases, events, pay-cations etc.?If youA cents € (TM) ve answered A cents € oenoA cents € to many of the questions above, then you should seriously consider becoming a contracted broker with Divine Insurance Group (DIG). Obtain top-level commissions through Divine Insurance Group and how to earn up to $2,000 in monthly cash bonuses!Contracts start at 70% (9-months advance commissions with very high residuals) *based on experience Earn 3 company fully paid trips in a calendar year!Help your client and/or funeral home receive payment within 24 to 48 hours without a death certificate and no assignment fee!Receive paid full commissions rather than reduced commissions on graded/modified products, clients over the age of 80, clients who have a savings account and clients who have Direct Express or Direct BillBuild your business without territorial limitationsUse Divine Insurance GroupA cents € (TM) s unique referral systems that are guaranteed to multiply your salesUse DIGA cents € (TM) s constantly refreshed final expense direct mail lead system, sorted by zip code Sell products that cover ages 14 days old to 95. We can cover all medical conditions, including (HIV) at the lowest rates in the industryWe are contracted with carriers who can provide first day coverage to clients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Lupus, Type I Insulin Diabetics, Hep C and Mental DisordersReceive same day/immediate coverage and ultimately faster commission payoutUse DIGA cents € (TM) s telephone applications and e-AppsUse DIGA cents € (TM) s free lead tracking systemHealth insurance, Life insurance, short and long-term disability insurance for you and your familyRetirement Planning options for you and your familyMost of our carriers pay on issue, not by submission of premium draft. Example: Clean applications are approved and issued in 3 to 4 days. Once the policy is approved the life insurance carrier will issue the approved policy and will mail the policy direct to the client. Our agents get paid in 24 hours once the policy is approved and issued but the premium draft date can be at a later date. No interest Most carriers accept Vector credit checksNo quotas or terminations for low or no production - Part-timers welcomeNo office fees for leases or manager-in-training feesNO CONTRACT OR COMMISSION LEVEL REDUCTIONS. WE WILL NEVER REDUCE YOUR COMMISSIONS LEVELS OR TAKE YOUR AGENTS FROM UNDER YOU FOR ANY REASON.No household cap on commissionsNo lead debt, with leads available in (DC, MD and VA)Ownership of your book of businessAbility to cross-sell health products, index universal life insurance and term insurance24 hour contracting with one page applications with most carriersCross-selling additional productsHealth fairs and community eventsStreet table eventsFor more information on free funeral planning, please visit watch the Legacy Safeguard video on the benefits, please click hereFamilies can earn more Tuition Points by:Referring a friend to a DIG agent (one-time 500-Point Bonus)Completing an annual review with your DIG AgentAnnual Premium Juvenile Term - Issue Ages 0-21This plans gives $10,000 first day insurance protection with coverage doubled to $20,000 at no additional cost until age 25. Juvenile term can be converted to permanent life insurance until your child reaches age 25, without medical questions asked.Premium is $25 annually until age 25 in addition to scholarship grants and free funeral planning.Mortgage Protection Products - Up to 2,000,000 in coverage Index Universal Life and Annuity Products - Retirement PlanningMoney on the TableWe Offer:Term Insurance with living riders = $800 to $1600 in commission per application - ages 20 to 55 years oldIndex Universal Life = $1200 to $3000 in commission per application - ages 0 to 55 years oldIndex Annuities = $5000 in commission per application - avg. age 59 to 70 years oldCompany DescriptionDivine Insurance Group is an insurance brokerage company based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are seeking Life Insurance Advisors and Managers in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

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