Education Program Coordinator

Frederick, Maryland
$44,020 to $48,422 salary plus full-time benefits
May 16, 2017
Jun 20, 2017
Full Time

Position Summary:

The Education Program Coordinator reports to the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs/Dean of Arts and Sciences, and coordinates all administrative functions related to the Elementary Education/Elementary Special Education, and Secondary Education A.A. and A.A.T. degrees at Frederick Community College.  Working closely with the education faculty, the coordinator would oversee educational outreach and placement, oversee the scheduling and staffing of education courses, handle administrative functions related to the relevant education programs, advise students, and teach one course per semester.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The following are the functions essential to performing this job:

  1. Teach one course per semester within the Education Program.
  2. Serve as state representative for the FCC AAT program.
  3. Oversee observation program and serve as the main FCC point of contact for FCPS and other participating organizations in the school observation process.
  4. Coordinate placements for FCC students who need to complete the state-mandated observation hours required for education courses that are part of the Associate of Arts in Teaching program.
  5. Represent the College and serve as an ambassador of the FCC Education Program, interacting with students, instructors, graduates, and administrators each year.
  6. Attend meetings with FCPS and other school personnel as a representative of the FCC Education Program.
  7. Identify, communicate with, and visit potential new placement sites to provide information about observations, the FCC Education Program, the placement process, etc.
  8. Utilize professional communication skills to interact with students, instructors, and administrators from FCC, area PreK-12 schools, and other organizations providing educational and therapeutic services.
  9. Develop course schedules for elementary, secondary and related education courses, and staff relevant sections.
  10. Hire, train, and support adjunct instructors.
  11. Spearhead outreach to Education Program alumni; develop programming and related opportunities for graduates to mentor and interact with current students.
  12. Oversee textbook orders for ED Program.
  13. Serve as external contact for education program with employers and other organizations.
  14. Develop/edit PR materials for the Elementary, Secondary and related fields, for internal and external constituents, in coordination with the FCC PR Office (as needed).
  15. Maintain lists of service learning, jobs, and related opportunities for education students; advertise these opportunities to students through multiple channels.
  16. Serve as Education Program contact for other FCC departments and offices.
  17. Develop timelines, rules, procedures, and practices for observation placements; communicate with students, instructors, and administrators about these items.
  18. Utilize, update, and maintain database and spreadsheets of program information.
  19. Serve as liaison with the Office of Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Research to provide needed reports, analyze Education Program data, and institute any needed research/data collection.
  20. Develop, update, and track required forms for observations (confidentiality statements, procedures, request forms, etc.).
  21. Serve as central PRAXIS point of contact on campus.
  22. Manage issues and concerns regarding communication and students placements.
  23. Create detailed reports such as observation usage/locations and observation histories.
  24. Work with FCC IT staff to update databases and web pages related to observation coordination.
  25. Answer questions from constituents about observation placements and the placement process.
  26. Use conflict management skills to address issues and concerns from varied participants.
  27. Oversee program administration for elementary, secondary and related fields.
  28. Organize end-of-semester documentation related to observations, compare placements with completed visits, and make adjustments for future semesters.
  29. Advise current and prospective students including those who have completed college degrees and are seeking certification.
  30. Advise AAT Elementary and secondary majors, students interesting in teaching, transferring planning, Praxis testing and other related duties.
  31. Complete other duties as assigned.

Required Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Master’s Degree
  2. Prior experience instructing college students/adults
  3. Experience working in education/educational settings

Desired Qualifications:

  1. Master’s Degree or higher in Education
  2. Evidence of excellent professional communication skills
  3. Experience with data informed decision making
  4. Evidence of strong writing skills
  5. Experience developing and implementing high-volume projects involving coordination with multiple individuals, inside and outside an organization
  6. Experience utilizing conflict management/dispute mediation skills
  7. Demonstrated ability to use varying styles and approaches that reflect an understanding and acceptance of differences in students’ learning needs, experiences, and cultural backgrounds

Note:  The College reserves the right to change or reassign job duties, or combine positions at any time

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