Executive Director of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board, Office of the Governor

Commonwealth of Virginia
commensurate with experience
May 11, 2017
Jun 15, 2017
Executive, Director
Full Time


Job Profile and Description


To serve as the Executive Director of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board, a State Agency, and to support its goals, primarily in the area of economic development.  While the primary activity supports job creation in Virginia, the Executive Director also promotes activities in education and culture.  When relevant, he/she will assist with exports to Israel from Virginia as well.  The position calls for a high degree of self initiative within a self structured environment, but one that must adhere to all of the rules and regulations of a state agency.  



Duties and Responsibilities for Job Creation

Take all necessary actions and steps to achieve expansion of Israeli companies’ activities in the Commonwealth of Virginia leading to job creation including but not limited to:


  • Participate in international organizations and associations, work with Israeli and Virginia business contacts, executives, and Virginia Economic Development Partnership representatives to identify and service prospects.  Coordinate and manage all prospect requests relating to a commercial relationship with Israel.


  • Provide assistance to and contacts with Israeli companies in the form of presentations, tours, and appropriate introductions to state and local officials and follow-up activities.


  • Participate in and plan business development missions from Virginia to Israel and from Israel to Virginia. At least one mission every four years shall be the Governor’s Trade Mission.


  • Design and implement economic development programs


  • Increase Israeli exports through help in finding marketing or strategic partners for Israeli companies in Virginia


  • Encourage and enlarge the network of Virginia businesses, sources of technology or services so that Israeli companies can have fair access to potential marketing and other affiliations with these companies, technology sources or service providers.


  • Design and implement innovative economic development models to foster the mission of the Board.


  • Identify and assist Virginia companies that may set up subsidiaries in Israel and/or work with Israeli companies.


  • Lead business missions/delegations to Israel to facilitate introductions, matchmaking and implementation of programs.  It is anticipated that the Director will have to make two or three visits to Israel per year for these activities.


  • Continue development of and manage relationships that serve as funding resources for Israeli companies in both Virginia and Israel such as but not limited to:


  1. The BIRD Foundation (The VIAB serves as BIRD’S representative in the Virginia/DC area.)
  2.  The Israel Innovation Authority which can provide up to 50% of an Israeli company’s project leading to commercialization.  
  3. The Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission (TIC) serving Southwest Virginia.
  4. Virginia Coal Field Economic Development Authority (VCEDA)  serving several counties in Southwest Virginia.


Educational & Cultural Activities


  • Initiate, identify and build special educational & cultural programs such as the Virginia-Israel Minds In Motion program, the exchange program with Cape Henry Collegiate etc.


Marketing and Public Relations


  • Initiate, plan and execute trips to Israel to generate prospects and to follow-up with prospects.


  • Manage participation by Virginia and Israeli companies in relevant trade shows.


  • Manage the VIAB website, newsletter and other digital based marketing material.


  • Manage public relations activities for the VIAB designed to reach VIAB goals.


Administration and Liaison Management


  • If the Board determines the need for a consultant (either in Israel or elsewhere) develop annual contract goals and oversee consultant’s work for compliance and performance.


  • Handle inquiries from Israeli companies seeking help in marketing, finding strategic partners for financing and handle inquiries from Virginia companies needing assistance in doing business in Israel.


Relationship to the Virginia-Israel Advisory Board


  • The Director is the principal operating officer of the Board.


  • The Chairman and the Board provide oversight for, and delegate authority to, the Director for implementation of Board policies and for the management of the day-to-day business of the Board.


  • The Director assists in preparing meeting agendas for the Board and its committees.


  • While the Director reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of the VIAB, his/her direct contact in the Governor’s Office is the Secretary of Trade and Commerce.  He/she must send required updates to the Secretary of Trade as requested by the Secretary.


Administrative Duties


  • Hold periodic meetings with Chairman and Vice Chairman to update on activities.  A formal report should be prepared when requested by the Chairman.


  • Manage a small, part time staff of project coordinators.


  • Maintain a database of prospects and Israel “related” companies in Virginia.


  • Assist in developing digital public relations brochures needed to promote VIAB’s activities and special programs.


  • Manage all travel and expense reimbursements for the Director and staff in accordance with Commonwealth of Virginia regulations.






  1. Considerable knowledge of export promotion and principles.
  2. Demonstrated ability to self initiate and manage programs.
  3. Considerable knowledge of Israeli business practices and sensitivity to foreign customs and cultures.
  4. Knowledge of federal and state regulations pertaining to international trade.
  5. Knowledge of project management and the ability to handle multiple projects.
  6. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  7. Demonstrates ability to make presentations to groups.
  8. Demonstrates ability to utilize PC-based applications for database management, reporting, correspondence and communication.
  9. Demonstrates ability to manage people and interact with others.
  10. The candidate must meet US federal hiring standards.  



Education or Training (major areas of study)


  • Degree in marketing, international commerce, business or related field preferred.  Post graduate degree preferred.  Working knowledge of the Hebrew language is preferred but not required.


  • Considerable experience requiring knowledge and sensitivity to business, economic, geographic, social and cultural differences associated with international commerce.


  • Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of employees and the public sector,  including highest corporate and government executives.


Ethical Responsibilities


  1. The Director must abide by all of the rules and regulations of the Virginia Government.
  2. The Director recognizes this position as a full time position and can not work as a private consultant during employment in this position.
  3. Any exceptions to number 2 above should be discussed with the Chairman of the VIAB.

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