Biological Technician III/Lab Manager (Molecular Parasitology Laboratory)

Silver Spring, MD
Apr 24, 2017
Jul 03, 2017
Specialty Trades
Full Time
GDIT is seeking a Biological Technician III-Lab Manager to support WRAIR's Molecular Parasitology Laboratory. The contractor shall, with broad guidance from the TPOC, either work alone or with a multidisciplinary team of military, civilian and/contractor research scientists and technicians to plan and perform in vitro and in vivo research using molecular biology, biochemistry, structural biology and molecular immunology to generate candidate malaria vaccines/research antigens and investigate immune responses to these antigens in pre-clinical (lab rodents, New Zealand White rabbits, nonhuman primates) and from clinical (human) vaccine trials. Specifically, the contractor shall:


    perform all steps associated with molecular engineering;perform all steps associated with protein expression, purification and characterization to include (but not limited to) fermentation, microfluidization, chromatography, methods for protein quality and quantitation assessment; gels and Western blots, and immunochemistry;perform all assays associated with immunochemical and immunological characterization of recombinant proteins;perform specialized humoral assays to include subunit, avidity, and isotyping ELISAs, IFA, Multiplex-based assays;perform and develop functional assays that determine the biological function of antibodies.;perform research on cellular immune responses using standard techniques such as ELISPOT, Multiplex based assays, Flow-Cytometry and shall perform aseptic tissue culture;prepare standards and solutions as tasked;maintain an accurate log of reagents, laboratory supplies and equipment;perform general laboratory administrative duties;perform standard animal handling techniques (rodents and nonhuman primates) as required;prepare oral and poster presentations for presenting at approved conference;give oral presentations at laboratory meetings;provide assistance with preparation of progress reports/technical reports and standard operating procedures;perform work closely with other Government, Military and Contractor personnel to develop, and gain approval of human and animal use protocols as are required for the performance of this task;perform laboratory tasks according to established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s);establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for assays;maintain and update laboratory notebooks and computer electronic files with detailed experimental plans, data and data analysis;maintain a clean and safe laboratory;maintain and operate Government owned equipment (ELISA plate washers and readers, Malverns Nanosight and DLS instruments, BIAcore affinity measurement equipment (such as the Attana), flow cytometers, cell counters, cell sorters, array readers, microfluidizers, fermentors, centrifuges, imaging systems, microscopes);maintain a safe workplace ensuring that he/she is aware of and observes appropriate safety and occupational health rules and regulations;attend institutional safety training and report any infractions of safety procedures to the facility Safety Officer; andmaintain an appropriate, professional demeanor at all times and be able to work as a team member.
Education Master's Degree in Microbiology and Immunology

  1. 2-5 years of related experience in scientific research, analysis and/or engineering.
  2. Knowledge of research laboratory management to include ordering supplies, reagents, and managing archives, inventories, and budgeting spreadsheets. Knowledge of supplies ordering/procurement with training and use of the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS), Electronic Centralized Acquisition Tool (ECAT), and Medical Master Catalog (MMC) systems, Design and validation parameters for ELISA assay development and testing.
  3. Familiarity with Isolating malaria parasites from infected mosquitoes for use in in vitro functional assays and for challenging mice. Ability to handle mice, , perform injections, collectblood and splenocytes. Ability to quantify cellular immune responses by measuring cytokine profiles using ELISpot and MesoScale Discovery (MSD).

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