Billing Specialist

Washington D.C.
Mar 22, 2017
Jun 20, 2017
Full Time
  • Invoice Preparation and Delivery: The Billing Specialist will be responsible for reviewing timekeeper time entries and entering expense vouchers, compiling draft invoices for attorney review, performing any necessary edits, and producing the final invoices.  Throughout this process, he or she will be required to review and interpret client billing agreements and guidelines to ensure our invoices maintain compliance and accuracy.  Once the final invoices have been produced, the Billing Specialist will confirm proper delivery to the client.
  • Electronic Billing: For select clients, the Billing Specialist will submit electronic invoices through a variety of ebilling vendors.  He or she must maintain working relationships with our client’s representatives to ensure successful invoice delivery and proper resolution of any ebilling issues that may arise.  This requires proactive monitoring of budgets, timekeeper approvals, and other administrative items.
  • Cash Receipts: The Billing Specialist will process all incoming cash receipts and perform a daily reconciliation of account balances.  He or she will also monitor outstanding accounts receivable balances and follow up on any aged items.
  • Client Maintenance: The Billing Specialist is responsible for maintaining the client database, submitting monthly estimates and accruals, monitoring budgets, and addressing any miscellaneous requests from attorneys or clients.
  • Data Analytics: The Billing Specialist will develop a thorough knowledge of the firm’s billing software and database to pull data upon request and perform any necessary analysis for clients and attorneys.  SQL database programming language training will be provided.
  • Process Improvement: The Billing Specialist should always be on the lookout for ways to improve the existing billing process.  Collaboration with and feedback from attorneys, clients and staff should be reviewed regularly to identify any weaknesses or inefficiencies that can be improved upon to better suit or client’s needs.
    • Will possess a business background.
    • Must have strong analytical skills and attention to detail. 
    • Must demonstrate proficiency with standard office applications (specifically Excel)
    • essential qualities include effective communication skills, flexibility, and a willingness to pitch in when necessary. 
    • The Billing Specialist will work with attorneys, clients and professional staff to perform all aspects of bill preparation and delivery in a manner that will best service the client. 
    • This position will also evolve with the needs of the client, involving other duties to be assigned.

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