Video Producer

Washington, DC
Apr 20, 2017
Apr 21, 2017
Accountant, IT
Full Time
Normal.dotm 0 0 1 518 2955 Techniarts Engineering 24 5 3628 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false INTERACTIVE TECHNICAL DIRECTOR This position requires working in downtown DC and serves as a part of the International Information Programs/Video Production Team as well as support for other offices within the Department of State. Successful candidate must be able to obtain a MRPT (Moderate Risk Public Trust) clearance. EXPERIENCEFour or more years working in a live broadcast and or multi-media production environment. This can include production experience acquired through degree coursework. Bachelor's Degree required. Some or all of the following work experience may be required: * Must have 2+ years experience performing multiple roles in a professional live production environment. This includes technical direction, camera operations, audio, lighting, scripting, teleprompter operations, floor direction, and graphic packages.* Must have intermediate expertise with Adobe CS, particularly After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere Pro.* Experience with green screen lighting, shooting, and editing is highly desirable.* Web development and a working knowledge of HTML and Wordpress is highly desirable.* Experience in live streaming applications (Flash Media Live Encoder, Wirecast, Ustream, YouTube Live, Facebook Live) is highly desirable.* Must be fluent in Mac OS and word processing applications. A working knowledge of Windows is preferred.* Must have experience coordinating complex schedules and multiple content elements. Previous experience running a production crew is highly desirable. * Must have a working knowledge of social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.* Experience working with VIP talent is preferred.* Must be comfortable working in high-stress environments, and prepared to adapt quickly and professionally to changes occurring during a live production scenario. ROLEWorks as a Technical Director for live broadcasts and operates additional studio roles including: camera, audio, lighting, graphics, teleprompter, floor director, and other production elements, ensuring all elements are operational as required by the production schedules. This function works alongside a producer to conceptualize and execute live interactive programming. May fully produce a work product. Coordinates production schedule to ensure all elements for a shoot or show are in place at the appointed time. Researches, secures material, and preps content for the production. Will take a lead role in the R&D of connectivity and live production technology. R&D can lead to full implementation of new workflows, SOPs, and overall production practices. Works at the direction of the government ensuring that sets, props, and technical equipment are ready to use and in the right position. Additionally, responsibilities related to equipment storage, routine equipment maintenance and upgrades, and facilities management are expected. Expected to interact with live audiences and on camera talent in a professional manner. Hauls and sets-up equipment as necessary. Edits, turns around content as on demand, attaches the appropriate metadata, and archives as required. Develops proficiencies in all elements of live streaming applications including: creating live streams and channels, operating hardware and software encoders, CDN management, modifying and embedding video players, and multi-screen content delivery.Teaches and trains others on elementary to intermediate production principles.Attend planning meetings with USG officials, producers, and stakeholders.Performs promotional and marketing activities internally and externally. Expect to travel domestically and internationally for production and training purposes. Ability to work in a collaborative team environment.

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