Licensed Therapist for Child PRP

Key Point Health Services
Towson, MD
Apr 20, 2017
Apr 21, 2017
Full Time
The Rehabilitation Specialist assumes overall responsibility for rehabilitation services of the Child PRP. They develop and implement the rehabilitation services that reflect the needs of the minors being served by the program. Assume overall responsibility for rehabilitation services, including:Developing and assuring that the rehabilitation services meet the needs of the individuals served by the program;Providing oversight of the daily program of rehabilitation services;Educating Rehabilitation Counselors on how to document the connection between rehabilitation activities and the goals identified in the Individual Rehabilitation Plans. Develop and implement a regular calendar of PRP On-Site Group Activities based on a curriculum designed to address targeted skill areas (eg Social Skills, Anger Management Skills, Semi-Independent Living Skills, etc.) Conduct and/or assign staff to conduct therapeutic group activities for children enrolled in the PRP. Complete comprehensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation Assessments for children approved for PRP services. Develop and/or assign the development of Individualized Rehabilitation Plans (IRP) based on the specific strengths, skills and needs of children enrolled in the PRP. Supervise Rehabilitation Counselors, providing education, support and regular monitoring to:Ensure that IRPs written by Rehabilitation Counselors are individualized, measurable and appropriate for the person for whom it is written.Ensure that Rehabilitation Counselors understand how to implement the IRPs and prescribed goals for assigned clients.Ensure that Rehabilitation Counselors complete their assigned in-home or community based visits each month.Ensure that information regarding each childs participation and progress is accurately reflected in the record through contact notes, monthly progress summary notes, and quarterly IRP reviews. Work with the Director of Child PRP Services to create and implement a monthly schedule of PRP activities to include Group Psychotherapy sessions and PRP group activity sessions. Provide case management, psycho education, crisis intervention and advocacy for individuals receiving PRP services. Work with other inter- and intra-agency professionals to coordinate services for children enrolled in the PRP. Maintain and ensure appropriate and timely communication with other Mental Health Professionals working with children enrolled in the PRP to ensure an efficient coordination of services. Ensure compliance with all agency policies and procedures and state regulations governing the provision of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services for Minors. Ensure the completion of all requirements and timely submission of all paperwork necessary for Key Point to submit and receive payment for services. Represent Key Point Health Services and the Child PRP program professionally on committees, at conferences, meetings, trainings, etc. Company Description: The mission of Key Point Health Services is to provide quality behavioral health services in an environment committed to the journey of wellness and recovery. Community Mental Health Centers Our Community Mental Health Centers offer a full range of services for children and adults. All physicians are Board Certified and licensed in the State of Maryland. Several are specialists in the delivery of mental health care for children and families. All therapists are licensed specialists and offer a wide array of counseling for individuals, families and couples including: Individual, Group & Family Therapy Medication Therapy Adults & Children's Services Groups for Depression, Anxiety, Co-Dependency Issues Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs (PRP) Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs (PRP) programs are for adults with serious and persistent mental illness and children. Trained psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners provide services which include: Rehabilitation Readiness which assesses the member's capacity to make important choices in their lives such as where to live or work. If skills or resources are needed the staff is qualified to teach or provide them. Basic Rehabilitation is provided when a member is having difficulties in adjusting to his/her current situations. Staff will perform rehabilitation in the environment of need as indicated in assessments. Enrichment/Support is provided to the member to prevent re- hospitalization and crises. Such activities as leisure groups, community involvement and one-on-one support are provided to achieve this aim. Case Management is a service which helps the member to obtain entitlements and other community resources. This service is given when at least one other service is provided. To maximize the community integration of our members and enable them to be successful and satisfied in the environment of their choice by working together to develop useful rehabilitation goals. School-Based Counseling Key Point has developed programs in many schools in Central Maryland. These services are designed in collaboration with each school to best meet the needs of the particular school community. We are pleased to provide a family-focused treatment service. Identified students and families who elect to participate receive a variety of individual family and group services. Our Clinical staff work closely with the family to identify treatment goals and to develop a plan that meets their needs and aids with educational success. All of our confidential services are provided by licensed mental health professionals.

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