Sr. Wireless Network Engineer -- Wmata-001

NBS Enterprises, LLC
Washington, DC
Apr 20, 2017
Apr 21, 2017
Full Time
Posting Title: Sr. Wireless Network Engineer Specific Position Requirements Is this a new requirement or is there an incumbent?Yes there is an incumbentDeliverables Senior Wireless Engineering ResponsibilitiesWIRELESS SYSTEM DESIGNPosition requires the design of effective and efficient, high throughput, wireless systems in challenging outdoor and indoor environments. The primary focus is on 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11 technologies however knowledge of other wireless technologies including CSS and FHSS is also essential.This requires the following skills:* Knowledge of radio frequency theory and wave propagation* Knowledge of antenna fundamentals * Ability to resolve and/or control radio frequency interference from co-channel and outside interference sources* Ability to perform active and passive site surveys and apply data from surveys to create effective wireless designs* Knowledge of and experience using propagation analysis software to create designs* Knowledge of and experience using spectrum analyzers to assess environments * Ability to perform site surveys to qualify and optimize wireless designs WIRELESS ARCHITECHURE DESIGNPosition requires the design, installation and configuration of Cisco and other vendor wireless control architecture. This includes wireless controllers and devices and software used for monitoring and data collection.This requires the following skills:* Extensive knowledge of Cisco wireless controllers including the Cisco 5500 series. This includes the ability to create new wireless LANs, configure anchor controllers, configure FlexConnect APs, and configure wireless security and authentication.* Thorough knowledge of Cisco wireless access points including 1550 and 3600 series. Ability to deploy and configure lightweight and autonomous access points.* Thorough knowledge of Cisco Prime or WCS. * Thorough knowledge Cisco Mobility Services Engine.* Knowledge of switches and routers. This includes knowledge of trunks and aggregated ports.* Knowledge of networking fundamentals including subnets, protocols, and standards WIRELESS SECURITYPosition requires the ability to create secure WLANs for multiple scenarios. The security types and requirements may vary by application and client.The following skills are required:* Thorough knowledge of 802.1X/802.11i standards* Knowledge of firewall applications and uses* Ability to configure WLANs using PEAP and RADIUS servers* Ability to use tools to detect rogue access points* Ability to use tools to detect various forms of wireless attacks NEW PRODUCT ACCEPTANCEPosition requires the ability to evaluate new devices and/or systems using or potentially affecting the existing wireless networks. This includes the ability to effectively measure performance and impact of any new device.This requires the following skills:* Ability to create custom test networks and WLANs for lab testing of new devices.* Ability to measure performance and impact of devices using data collection tools in Prime or other monitoring systems.* Ability to measure performance and impact of devices using throughput measuring tools.* Ability to measure performance and impact of devices using spectrum analyzers CLIENT AND SYSTEM PROBLEM RESOLUTIONThis position requires the ability to resolve many types of system and client issues. This requires the ability to use multiple tools including monitoring tools to analyze data to determine causes of system and client issues.This requires the following skills:* Knowledge of and ability to use Cisco debug commands to analyze issues* Knowledge of and ability to use spectrum and 802.11 analyzers* Knowledge of and ability to use data collection tools in WCS or Cisco Prime to detect and resolve issues* Knowledge of and ability to use various wireless client tools to detect and resolve issues MINIMUM POSITION REQUIREMENTS* 10 years wireless design experience with no less than 5 years designing 802.11 networks* Knowledge of radio frequency theory * Understanding of wave propagation* Knowledge of antenna theory* Experience with and ability to use Propagation analysis software* Experience with and ability to use spectrum analyzers and 802.11 analyzers* Understanding of the types of radio frequency interference and the ability to resolve radio frequency interference* Thorough understanding of 802.11 standards including 802.11a,b,g,i,and n * Thorough understanding of wireless security including 802.11X and 802.11i* Extensive understanding of and 5 years working with Cisco enterprise wireless architecture including wireless controllers, access points and Wireless Control System or Prime* Knowledge of networking including, TCP/IP, subnets, switches and routers SOW Labor Category/Experience Level/WBS #SR Wireless Network EngineerSupplemental DutiesTasks Specific to this requirement: 1.1 Design and implementation of Wireless networks for WMATA facilities1.1.1 Conduct surveys and readiness assessments1.1.2 Develop a problem definition1.1.2 Use systematic troubleshooting techniques to pinpoint the problem1.1.3 Utilize wireless troubleshooting tools to isolate wireless issues1.1.4 Identify and mitigate sources of RF interference.1.1.5 Design, configure and implement wireless network solutions1.1.6 Provide post implementation network diagnostics and support Company Description: NBS Enterprises creates competitive advantages. 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