Urine Collector

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Fredericksburg, VA
Apr 20, 2017
Apr 21, 2017
Accountant, IT
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COMPLETING THE REQUISITION FORM 1. Obtain the following: Name Date of birth Insurance information Physician name Medications Address Collection date Diagnosis codes Required panel(s) 2. Have the patient sign and date the requisition form and initial and date the security strip. This documents that the patient is aware that they have submitted a specimen for testing See the Requisition Form manual to learn how to complete a form in its entirety PACKAGING AND SHIPPING 1. Secure the specimen by placing the initialed and dated security strip from the requisition form over the top of the specimen The barcode must be placed on the specimen to ensure proper scanning at the laboratory2. Place the specimen container in the bio-hazard bag3. Fold the requisition form and the copy of the face sheet in the front pouch of the bio-hazard bag 4. Be sure to fold the paperwork with the writing on the inside so the patient information cannot be read through the bag. The paperwork includes: Requisition Form Face Sheet (if applicable) Copy of insurance card, front and back (if applicable) If your office is working with an EMR system, the patient information, including insurance information, should be attainable online5. Peel the adhesive from across the top and seal the bio-hazard bag shut 6. Place approximately 8 specimen cups (in their separate bio bags) into the shipping large bag 7. Place the shipping bag in the FedEx Box and attach label directly to the outside of the box 8. Store in a cool place until shipped Properly packaged specimens are more likely to reach the lab intact

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