RN Nurse

Individual Advocacy Group, Inc
Washington, DC
Apr 20, 2017
Apr 21, 2017
Full Time
REGISTERED NURSE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Must be licensed in the District of Columbia/Maryland Must provide current copies of licenses/health certificates Required to attend scheduled Case Conferences, Individual Support Plan (ISP) meetings in person (preferred) or by phone if necessary; usually between the hours of 8am-5pm Required to provide a weekly summary to Director Of Nursing to demonstrate what services have provided and to whom Required to be on call during weekends Completes an initial assessment of patient to determine home care needs. Provides a complete physical assessment and history of current and previous illness (es). Regularly re-evaluates patient nursing needs. Initiates the plan of care and makes necessary revisions as patient status and needs change. Uses health assessment data to determine nursing diagnosis. Develops a care plan which establishes goals, based on nursing diagnosis and incorporates therapeutic, preventive, and rehabilitative nursing actions and includes the patient/family in the planning process. Initiates appropriate preventive and rehabilitative nursing procedures. Reads/reviews physician's order sheets checking for accuracy and content in preparation for physician's signature in order to ensure accurate documentation, and to meet agency, state and federal guidelines. Transcribes and Administers new medications and treatments as prescribed by the physician. Oversees and trains Licensed Practical Nurse and Trained Medication Employee working under their license. Provides Medical Information Manager with ISP Summary at least 24 hours prior to ISP Attends scheduled Discharge meetings and Audits by DDS, DOH or any other important audit in person Identifies discharge planning needs as part of the care plan development and implements prior to discharge of the patient. Trains staff working in homes responsible for and have staff sign training sign-in sheet Counsels the patient and family in meeting nursing and related needs. Recognizes and understands cultural backgrounds and spiritual needs, respects the religious beliefs of individual patients Provides health care instructions to the patient as appropriate per assessment and plan. Training must completed at least 7 days after discharge or change in care, including changes in medication Health Care Management Plans must be reviewed Quarterly and documented that it has been completed Nursing Quarterlies must be completed by the last day of the month and placed in medical book All DDA forms must be completed, in medical book and updated as required by DDS Required to completed nursing notes at least 48 hours after a patient comes back from an appointment Required to check red binder at each home for consults to review, sign and place in medical book at least 48 hours after appointment Audit homes to make sure any recommended logs and menus are in homes, being completed daily and recommendations are being followed (ie: Bowel Movement Logs, Fluid Intake Logs, Menus)

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