Technician - Pest Control Service

Frontline Pest Professionals
Columbia, MD
Apr 20, 2017
Apr 21, 2017
Accountant, IT
Specialty Trades
Full Time
We are looking for a professional individual to work as a pest control technician. This job provides you with opportunities to interact with customers on a daily basis and provide quality services to their homes. Responsibilities and job functions include but are not limited to the following: 1. Performing general pest services primarily at residential properties2. Driving a company vehicle to commute to service locations on a daily basis3. Attending training meetings with other technicians and supervisors4. Communicating well with local office staff and supervisors relating to work performed5. Providing a friendly and delightful experience for customers through proper customer service tactics6. Understanding application rate and quantities of various products used for services Qualifications:-Experience working in a customer service setting-Team-oriented-Detail oriented-Exceptional verbal skills-Patient and empathetic-Well organized-Problem solving skills-Safe driving habits and an unblemished driving record-Ability to work well with co-workers and receiving direction and instruction from supervisors Those applying are encouraged to have a clean driving record. No previous experience required. Most of our technician positions are compensated on an hourly basis plus a production commission, which will make your income dance depending on how much production is achieved. Please send your resume and work experience if you are interested.We will be in contact with you upon receiving your basic information if your qualifications match our criteria. Company Description: Frontline Mission Statement and Core Values We will be the highest quality residential pest control company wherever we operate. We will achieve that by focusing on the people that make up Frontline, namely our employees and customers. Yes, we are in the pest control industry. However, we believe that we are in the "people" business first. When we focus on people, high-quality service follows. The fulfillment of our mission is dependent on owners and employees embodying and incorporating the following core values in their lives: Honesty and integrity- Our business operates off of a high degree of trust. Our customers must trust our staff, and our staff must trust one another. Communication- We deal with a lot of people, which requires clear and prompt communication. Simply put: What do you know? Who needs to know it? And do they know it? Have an ownership mentality- You are empowered to take care of customers and their needs. Own the situation, and be a problem solver. Own your mistakes and successes. Act don't react- Be deliberately proactive in your work. Problems and challenges are less likely to occur if we figure out how to prevent them in the first place. Sharpen the saw- Embrace learning opportunities. Change often presents learning opportunities, so embrace change. Be humble enough to recognize you have a lot to learn. Choose your attitude- There are many things that you cannot control in your work. Spend your energy to focus on what you can control start with your attitude. Respect- Our differences make us great as they work together in harmony. Learn to respect and appreciate the differences in others. Your behavior should always be respectful. Be the difference- Don't settle for what's expected. Go the extra mile and make a positive impact. You reap what you sow so sow a lot of good! Be genuine- Show an authentic interest in those you interact with. As you do so, watch their loyalty and commitment to you and Frontline grow. Make work fun- Challenge yourself to make your work enjoyable. Try to make someone's day and "wow" them with your efforts. You will be happier, and so will they.

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