Software Support Technician

LaMotte Company
Chestertown, MD
Apr 20, 2017
Apr 21, 2017
Specialty Trades
Full Time
Software Support Tech Main Function: Focus on "Tier 1" end-user support of software products for the pool and spa market and development testing. This includes resolving software related customer service issues directly with customers via phone, email or other communication method and processing internal orders for software and hardware replacement. Must communicate well with internal and external customers. Qualifications/Job Requirements: Requires A+ or equivalent certification(s) and experience. BS degree, current IT certifications and/or extensive software support experience preferred. Must have excellent computer skills and communication skills. Requires the drive to research issues that arise and be an avid learner, as this position occasionally requires sleuthing skills to find unique resolutions to customers' issues. Experience with Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 r2 and WebEx a plus. Knowledge of pool/spa water chemistry a major plus. Duties and Responsibilities: Customer Relations * 1. Presents a favorable and professional image in all communications with customers: a. Answers phone in courteous, friendly and professional manner. (Technical Support, This is John. How may I help you?) b. Composes and responds to faxes and emails professionally. c. Responds to customer in timely manner and always within 24 hours. d. Accepts all calls from Customer Service Representatives without debate. Software and Hardware Support * 2. Provides direct end user support, via phone, email or other communication methods, by possessing knowledge of the following software and hardware: a. Operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. b. DataMate 9.X and 10.X installation, operation, network configuration, communication with supported devices. c. DataMate 9.X and DataMate 10.X private label version and templates. d. Supported devices relating to DataMate 9.X and 10.X: WaterLink Express, WaterLink 3 Express and WaterLink Spin. (Specifically, knowledge related to operating and troubleshooting device functionality and connectivity to computer and supported software products.) * 3. Provides end user training to customers via phone, email, or other communication methods. * 4. Supports various private label versions and offshoots of the above supported devices, including but not limited to the ClearCare (WL3X) and X-Revolution (Spin). Software Testing and Product Release * 5. Participates in software and hardware testing for the products referenced above. a. Testing installation, upgrade, and configuration across all supported operating systems using provided "lab" computers. Procedures, errors, and other information collected during testing should be clearly captured (with screenshots) and provided to the Project Manager within a timely fashion. Departmental Support * 6. Provides departmental support during the off-season as well as when time allows in the in- season on such items as listed below: a. Tech training videos. b. Learn new products and communicate key features to clients and staff. c. Tech service departmental improvement projects. d. Tech emails and phone calls as needed. e. Assistance in Production or Marketing as needed. * 7. Suggests or advises Technical Product Manager, Technical Service Manager, Vice President - Marketing & Sales and/or Controller (as applicable) on: a. Improvements in processing customer inquiries or issues. c. System impediments or procedure failures. d. Non-routine or unusual customer problems. e. Failure to meet customer commitment. * 8. Notifies Technical Product Manager of any quality, software/hardware, safety, personnel problems, etc. and cooperates in resolving such issues as well. * 9. Provides Technical Product Manager with feedback to determine where additional training would benefit, and obtains additional training as necessary. Miscellaneous * 10. Participates in lean activities, including but not limited to: a. Lean training and lean events such as kaizen or a 5-day event. b. 5-S program in department or other areas assigned. c. DMAICs. Continuously looks for ways to improve both the department's and own individual efficiencies and time management, as well as ways to improve any aspect of the Company's operations. * 11. Complies with company policies (personnel, safety, SOPs, etc.) * 12. Performs other duties as assigned. * denotes essential function of the job Environmental Factors/Physical/Mental Capabilities: Works indoors in temperature controlled environment. Primarily sits at desk, talks on telephone and works on computer; however, travels to and from printers and fax machine, meetings, restroom, etc. Requires communicating effectively both verbally and in writing, operating computer and troubleshooting. Company Description: LaMotte Company, an industry leader of water testing products since 1919, developed and globally sells a revolutionary new product that has changed the world of water testing. Located in Chestertown, MD in a small college town on the Chester River, we are an hour away from Annapolis, and 1.5 hours away from Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore and ocean beaches. We tout a fast growing business and a welcoming, engaging culture that encourages creativity. Our employees and our employee benefits are awesome! Check out our website: