Full Service Kitchen Manager (High Volume)

Boston's Restaurant and Sports Bar
Abingdon, MD
Apr 20, 2017
Apr 21, 2017
Full Time
Executive Chef Duties and Responsibilities Location: Abingdon, MD. Boston's Restaurant and Sports Bar Overview: We have a lot of interests, but for nearly fifty years we've kept our focus one thing - that everybody we meet feels taken care of. That includes our Guests and our team members. Finding the time to enjoy life is hard, and we're here to make sure that our customers make the most of it. And we know it's hard to please everybody, so that's why we thought of everything. We go out of our way to satisfy our customers, and that's what we mean when we say we've gotcha covered. Position Overview: The Executive Chef and Kitchen Manager (KM) is responsible for all kitchen operations on an opening, mid- or closing shift, including management of all kitchen staff and staffing levels, safety and sanitation, housekeeping, and made from scratch food production related activities. The KM ensures that the shift is run in a smooth manner with a focus on "Quality" while attending to any unexpected problems or emergencies that may arise. The Manager is assigned a work group, Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Expeditor's, Dishwashers, etc. The Manager, under the direction of the General Manager (GM) is responsible for Boston's culinary standards and recipe adherence, staffing, scheduling, purchases, financial goals and Kitchen staff development. Key Duties & Responsibilities: People: The Executive Chef/KM oversees kitchen operations during a shift and is responsible for about 20-25 staff (line/prep/dish, etc.) within the kitchen. Our KMs build the quality and morale of our kitchen staff by selecting, scheduling, training, developing, mentoring, managing and leading a workgroup according to our First Commitment: Our Customers, Our People, Our Greatest Resource Quality and Profits: The Executive Chef has contributory financial responsibility for food costs control, labor costs control, accurate and daily/weekly/monthly inventory and kitchen supplies for the kitchen. Our KMs set operational goals and plans to achieve or exceed written budgets, then direct staff and utilizes kitchen systems, schedules, tools and procedures to attain those goals Operational Excellence: The Executive Chef maintains food quality and safety standards, overseeing all phases of food procurement, production and service, including, inventory and ordering, storage and rotation, food preparation, recipe adherence, plate presentation, and service and production time standards. Our KMs achieve these standards through daily line checks and food reviews, response to guest feedback/scores, ongoing maintenance/housekeeping, and staff training/supervision. Below are examples of key KM operations. The Executive Chef must have in-dept expertise in high volume food production while adhering to 100% food quality and standards.Food Preparation The Executive Chef must make sure all of the food is properly prepared and to the standards set by the restaurant. At no time should an employee veer from the set standards and menu cards/recipes. All employees working in the kitchen are under the authority of the Executive Chef and both the Executive Chef and GM has to see to it that they all perform their food preparation duties and responsibilities on a daily basis. The staff is responsible for preparing food based on set recipes and the kitchen manager has to make sure they adhere to the instructions. The Executive Chef must make sure quality food is served to the customers and guests all of the time.Cleaning It is the duty of the kitchen manager to make sure the kitchen and the surrounding areas are kept clean and sanitized. All tables and food preparation areas must be cleaned, wiped down and sanitized on a daily basis. Cleanliness ensures no germs are transferred to the food which could result in a customer becoming sick or ill. The kitchen manager is responsible for the staff as they carry out their duties of kitchen cleanliness.Inventory The Executive Chef is responsible for overseeing the inventory. The KM (as directed by GM) must make sure that the proper levels of inventory are maintained and stocked. Having the correct inventory levels will make sure that the necessary ingredients are available for cooking and food preparation.Leadership The Executive Chef must have good leadership skills. Many times the kitchen manager will be called upon to be a working manager, which is leading by example. They will need to plan, organize, direct, coordinate, and delegate responsibility to the staff which ensures the goals and objectives, of the kitchen, are met on a daily basis by the staff.Floors The Executive Chef must make sure the staff keeps the floors clean by sweeping, and mopping, during the shift, and at the end of the shift. A clean floor helps to ensure a safe working environment. The staff is directed by the kitchen manager when it comes to taking trash out to the dumpsters and keeping garbage cans clean and washed.Special Events Sometimes orders have to be prepared for special occasions such as catering for weddings, banquets, etc. It is the kitchen manager's responsibility to make sure that a customer's order has been prepared to her specifications. The kitchen manager must make sure that quality service is delivered by the staff. Expectations: Here are 10 excellent traits that we've noticed consistently in highly successful Chefs and kitchen managers. Therefore, as an Executive Chef, you must measure up to these expectations? 1. The best Executive Chef/KMs can be found in the kitchen, not the office. 2. They keep the recipe binders up-to-date, in good condition and easy to get to. 3. They make using the recipe cards mandatory. They don't trust anyone's memory. 4. They plan for "teaching moments" every day. 5. They conduct food demonstrations in shift meetings. 6. They perform detailed line checks before every shift. 7. They develop key people at the window and expo stations. 8. They constantly encourage communication and organization. 9. They are dedicated to achieving your ticket time goals. 10. They manage the "flow" and don't get tied to one task. How well does your kitchen staff live up to these expectations? If there is room for improvement, first make sure you are clearly communicating these standards and equipping your kitchen staff with the systems and tools needed to be successful. Benefits: This position is a full time position that offers industry-leading benefits. Company will pay to relocate the qualified candidate QualificationsMust have 8 years of culinary and kitchen management experience in a full service and very high volume restaurant.Experience as a chef.Solid track record of success in previous assignments demonstrating upward career trackingStrong communication skillsStrong leadership skillsCulinary school background a great plusAbility to speak and understand Spanish a plus (not a key requirement)Able to work ten hour-plus shifts plus ability to stand, sit or walk for extended periods of timeAble to grasp, lift and/or carry up to 50 lbs as neededFinger/hand dexterity to operate kitchen machinery, knives, etc.Able to withstand changes in temperature, occasional smoke, steam and heat and work in a confined area Must possess hearing, visual and sensory abilities to observe and detect emergency situations; also to distinguish product, taste, texture, temperature and presentation and preparation. Company Description: High End (Upscale) Casual Dining Restaurant. www.Bostons.com