Residential Facilitator / Counselor

Way Station, Inc.
Frederick, MD
Apr 20, 2017
Apr 21, 2017
Full Time
Company Overview: Way Station, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing compassionate and quality behavioral health care, housing and employment services to adults with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance addictions; children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral challenges; veterans with service needs. Way Station embraces the principles of recovery and resilience and is committed to providing evidence-based, consumer-driven, and family-focused services. Headquarters in Frederick, Maryland, Way station has programs in four counties in Maryland and employs over 600 people. In 2015, Way Station served more than 5,000 individuals. Position Summary: Way Station has openings for Residential Facilitators in Frederick/ Washington/ Howard and Carrol Counties. In this role, you are required to have the general knowledge of mental illness and specific knowledge and skill in rehabilitation with persons with disabilities. This position involves the provision of housing services and coordination of overall services for members including resource management. This individual is expected, through training and experience, to exercise independent judgment with supervision by a Residential Rehabilitation Supervisor/Manager. Duties Assist in facilitation of member activity as assigned Assist with medication monitoring and money management planning according to policy. Assist with arranging and providing transportation. Provide, coordinate and develop the following services for and with assigned individuals: assessment, planning, linking, monitoring, advocacy and care both internal to Way Station's program and through external social service agencies. Support implementation activities of the Day Programs Management Plan. Promote and ensure the health safety and security, organization, and home-like atmosphere of the residential environments of designated residents. Monitor clients' self-administration of medication, as needed Promote effective relationships among members, families and service providers and provide information as appropriate regarding mental illness and Way Station services. Instruct, schedule and facilitate working side-by-side with the member household tasks with residents, eg household budgeting, shopping, indoor and outdoor chores, cooking and other daily living activities. Facilitate social/recreation activities as scheduled. Facilitate the development and implementation of individual plans of assigned members to meet the member's needs, interests and goals and coordinate communication and activity amongst staff working together with assigned members. Assess for the potential of crisis and assist in implementing crisis intervention actions as appropriate. Work with Resource Coordinators to facilitate process of obtaining and maintaining entitlement linkage for Way Station members as assigned. Connect members with relevant agencies outside WSI as needed. Maintain current, accurate and complete documentation related to all service functions. Position Requirements: Knowledge, Abilities and Skills Ability to perform individual assessment, planning and implementation in both structured and unstructured settings. Ability to prioritize member needs and manage time to complete assignments daily. Ability to develop and maintain daily structure in Way Station residences. Ability to interact with other community agencies to provide coordinated, comprehensive care. Ability to communicate Way Station's mission to the community through frequent interactions with neighbors, landlords and business people. Ability to assess residential environments for health, safety, security, organization and home-like atmosphere. Knowledge of psychiatric rehabilitation concepts, and a general understanding of mental illness and co-occurring disorders. Ability to establish and maintain empowering, trust relationships with Way Station members. Ability to maintain appropriate relationship boundaries and to take corrective action when needed. Willingness and ability to examine one's own behavior, feelings and attitudes to facilitate a productive relationship with members, families, providers, administrators and citizens throughout the County. Skills in word processing and ability to learn computer skills. Ability to communicate orally and in writing. Ability to teach specific basic living skills. Education and Experience Applicant must be able to clear a state and federal background check. Possession of a high school diploma or GED/ college degree preferred. Positively referenced relevant work, student or volunteer experience. Must have valid driver's license and safe driving record. (License cannot be provisional). Possession or use of a four passenger car to be used to transport Way Station clients Must be covered under an active auto insurance policy and a valid copy of auto insurance is required prior to hire. Job Posted by ApplicantPro