Community Employment Specialist

Way Station, Inc.
Hagerstown, MD
Apr 20, 2017
Apr 21, 2017
Accountant, IT
Full Time
Nature of Work This is a direct service position offered by Way Station, Inc. through its Community Employment Program. The primary role of the employment specialist is to provide assistance to individuals with disabilities to obtain and maintain competitive employment in traditional community settings. Employment specialists conduct all phases of vocational services including engagement, assessment, job search, job development and job support. This is a salaried position. The CEP Specialist is expected, through training and experience, to exercise independent judgment with supervision of the CEP Manager. Position Requirements: Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills Ability to work autonomously with demonstrated creativity, initiative and commitment. Ability to work with external agencies, such as community businesses and other vocational service organizations. Knowledge of psychosocial rehabilitation concepts and the role of work in rehabilitation. Willingness to examine ones own behavior, feelings, and attitudes to facilitate a productive relationship with members, staff, business people, providers, administrators, and officials from others organizational and government agencies. Knowledge of current theories of contributing factors in and effects of mental illness, developmental disabilities, and deaf/hearing impaired. Knowledge of current effective approaches being used to assist persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and deaf/hearing impaired and skills in facilitating community integration through work. Ability to establish and maintain empowering, trust relationships with WSI members and their families. Ability to communicate Way Stations mission to the community through daily interactions with neighbors, business people, etc. Ability to conduct group meetings with members, staff, employers and significant others to facilitate problem solving. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing. Ability to perform individual assessment, planning and implementation in both structured and unstructured settings. Ability to work as part of an interdisciplinary team. Skill in time management and organization of job activities. Skills in word processing and ability to learn computer skills. Position Requirements: Education and Experience Bachelor's degree in related field preferred but an Associates Degree in a related field with at least two years of experience in an employment program is also acceptable. Two years positively referenced relevant work experience. Valid driver's license and safe driving record. Possession or use of a four passenger car to be used to transport Way Station members and a copy of a valid certificate of automobile insurance. Must be covered under an active auto insurance policy and a valid copy of auto insurance is required prior to hire. Conditions of Employment Employee must be able to perform the duties of the job description as verified by a physician's statement and the employee's health statement. Duties Assertive Engagement and Outreach Meet with clients within one week of referral to the Community Employment Program. Make outreach attempts as part of initial engagement, and at least monthly when client contact ceases. Demonstrate tolerance of different levels of readiness to work by using encouragement when a client appears unsure of working Job Search, Job Development and Placement Within the first month of service, in tandem with the client, make contact with employers to secure job or to gather more information about the work site. Assist clients in finding jobs that are interesting and meaningful to them and at the skill level they desire by making employer contacts that are based on the client's job preferences. Conduct individualized job development by talking to employers about specific client's abilities and desires to do a job in their place of business and using extensive networking to identify potential job leads. (Talking with family members, friends, staff members, previous employers, community members). Provide individualized, time-unlimited follow-along supports to clients including crisis intervention, job coaching, counseling and job support groups to help maintain employment. Provide individualized time-unlimited follow-along supports to employers. Integration with Mental Health Treatment Communicate regularly with day program staff, residential staff, resource managers and clinicians and attend team meetings regularly for clients on caseload. Promote employment options in staff meetings, IRP and other activities even when other staff members may not identify them as candidates for work. Share success regularly with members of the team and meets with client and resource manager for goal planning. Provide education and consultation to the team members by sharing knowledge of the client in relationship to work. Participation in Employment Team Actively participate in team meetings/group supervision weekly and presents client cases to team for guidance, share success and to share job leads. Provide support for other employment specialists' clients when needed. Other Duties Maintain current, accurate and complete documentation related to delivery of Community Employment Services. Initiate communication with supervisor regarding concerns, ideas, input, suggestions or problems. Assist in planning and implementing employment recognition activities. Perform other duties as assigned by the Manager of CEP Services. Job Posted by ApplicantPro

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