Administrative Librarian (Chief, Humanities and Social Sciences Division)

Washington D.C.
Apr 14, 2017
May 23, 2017
Full Time

About the Agency

The Chief of the Humanities and Social Sciences Division (HSS) serves as the Library's primary expert in the provision of reference services related to the humanities and social sciences. The Chief receives policy guidance from the Director, Collections and Services (CS), but has primary managerial and professional responsibility for the growth and direction of research and reference services in the humanities and social sciences, to include online as well as on-site service. The Chief is responsible for the management of two reading rooms. In addition, the Chief has custodial responsibility for significant microform materials under the purview of the division. The Chief plays a key role in establishing a positive image for the Library, its collections and services, its role in the mission of the National Library, and setting future direction.

This position is located in the Humanities and Social Sciences Division, Collections and Services Directorate, Library Services Service Unit.

The position description number for this position is 241007.

This position has no promotion potential.

The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area.

The incumbent of this position may work a flextime work schedule.

This is a supervisory, non-bargaining unit position.

Relocation expenses will not be authorized for the person(s) selected under this vacancy announcement.

  • See requirements listed below under Qualifications Required.
  • The competencies below are required for this position. Those marked with a double asterisk (**) are considered the most critical competencies for this position.

    A candidate's resume must show a proven record of accomplishment that clearly demonstrates he or she has:

    1). Ability to lead and manage a program/area of responsibility**: Acquired and administered human, financial, material, and information resources to accomplish an organization’s mission. Accomplished strategic and operational goals for an agency/organization and in doing so had the following responsibilities: 1) developed program performance objectives/targets that support the organization’s mission and goals, 2) conducted monthly or quarterly reviews and prepared annual assessments of accomplishments and outcomes/results, 3) advised senior level officials, 4) oversaw day-to-day operations directly and through subordinate managers, 5) worked with both internal and external organizations to achieve program goals, 6) evaluated current and proposed programs and operations and recommended actions to initiate, modify, or discontinue projects, 7) developed and integrated policies and processes for your area of responsibility, and 8) planned, acquired, and organized resources and people.

    2). Knowledge of the principles, concepts, and techniques of library and information science**: Applied professional knowledge of library and information science to manage library functions and carry out library programs; using this knowledge to monitor and control the quality of the services and products. Experience with the following: 1) setting priorities and policies for reference and research services; 2) providing expertise and advice to develop the Library’s collections; 3) preparing online reference aids, collection guides, and social media communications; 4) creating public outreach programs; and 5) managing custodial collections.

    3). Ability to lead people and manage a diverse workforce**: Led people to meet an organization’s vision, mission, and strategic goals, including ongoing improvements in customer services. Provided an inclusive workplace that fostered the development of others, facilitated cooperation and teamwork, and supported constructive resolution of differing opinions by using innovative approaches and future-oriented thinking. Performed human resources management functions such as: managed the budget and personnel planning for divisions under his/her direction; established performance expectations for the division chiefs and staff; provided formal and informal performance feedback and evaluated staff; and promoted the goals of equal employment opportunity and ensured the office was free of discriminatory employment practices.

    4). Knowledge of current research trends and resources related to humanities and social sciences**: Provided research, development, and analysis pertaining to history, literature, philosophy, religion, the arts, political science, psychology, sociology, or other aspects of human culture and society related to humanities and social sciences.

    5). Ability to communicate in writing: The ability to communicate complex and specialized issues in writing through 1) policies and procedures, 2) strategic planning and forecasting documents, 3) performance management documents, 4) program proposals, 5) analysis/reports, 6) project plans, 7) budget documentation, 8) annual reports, 9) statements of work, and 10) policies and guidelines. This includes targeting the amount, form, depth and level of detail, and content of the information to the needs of the receiver/audience.

    6). Ability to identify and analyze operational problems and develop solutions: The person in this position must have the ability to anticipate, analyze, develop, and plan the strategies necessary to coordinate and solve operational issues and problems. This includes the ability to seek, logically examine, analyze, interpret, and synthesize information from different sources; generate and evaluate reasonable alternative solutions and the implications, consequences, and benefits of choosing each alternative; select the most promising alternative or course of action; and commit to action, even in uncertain situations.

    7). Ability to communicate effectively other than in writing: The ability to communicate effectively in both formal and informal settings with colleagues and others, consulting both within and outside the organization and/or giving formal presentations at outside meetings.

    Your resume is important to this application process. It will be reviewed to determine whether you possess the qualifications referenced above. All applicants are required to submit a resume that provides specific information (to include accomplishments, work experience and education/training) that clearly describes what you would bring to the position. The Supervisor leads his/her staff toward meeting the Library’s vision, mission, and goals by acting decisively, leveraging diversity and inclusiveness, demonstrating flexibility and resilience, fostering continuous improvement and innovation, and fostering integrity and honesty. To view the Library’s Supervisory Core Competencies click the following link:

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