Partnership Liaison Officer

Washington D.C.
May 16, 2017
May 17, 2018
Full Time

About the Agency

Position Information:
This is an opportunity for:

  • An internal candidate to fill a GS-15 cadre position.
  • A Federal Government employee to serve on a two-year reimbursable detail assignment in the ODNI. The detail assignment may be extended an additional year if all parties agree.
Who May Apply:
Current GS employees at the same grade as the advertised position grade may apply.
Former members of the Peace Corps may be considered for ODNI employment only if five full years have elapsed since separation from the Peace Corps.
  • For a cadre assignment:
    • Current ODNI cadre.
    • Current ODNI Staff Reserve Employees. (A staff reserve employee who currently occupies this position may not apply.)
  • For a detailee assignment:
    • Current Federal Government employees.
Salary Determination:
  • The ODNI uses a rank-in-person system in which rank is attached to the individual. A selected ODNI candidate or other Federal Government candidate will be assigned to the position at the employee's current GS grade and salary.
  • A current Federal Government employee, selected for a detail, will be assigned to the position at his or her current grade and salary.
Component Mission:

PARTNER ENGAGEMENT COMPONENT MISSION: The mission of the Office of the Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Partner Engagement (ADNI/PE) is to "Advance partnerships and responsible intelligence and information sharing to enhance decision-making" while we lead and effectively manage a diverse and highly skilled workforce; strengthen partnerships to enable integration, promote mutual understanding, and support accountability; promote interoperable capabilities to drive intelligence and information sharing while protecting privacy, civil liberties, and civil rights; optimize intelligence and information sharing to identify and address threats and opportunities; and develop and implement repeatable business practices to support PE decision making and achieve mission performance.

  • Occasional Travel
  • You may be expected to travel for this position.

  • No


Mandatory and Educational Requirements:

  • Expert knowledge and experience with the mission, charter, roles and responsibilities of the federal government's counterterrorism, transnational organized crime, or law enforcement communities and the interrelationships of its customers and stakeholders.
  • Superior ability to lead interagency planning efforts for complex interagency projects, taking into account a diverse range of considerations and ensuring that the activities can be successfully completed.
  • Expert knowledge and experience with planning processes, critical analysis, consensus building, as well as the application and integration of all instruments of national power in protecting the U.S. and its interests abroad

Desired Requirements:

  • Superior ability to plan and coordinate the integration of existing and emerging interagency capabilities to accomplish operational or strategic objectives.
  • Superior ability to develop innovative and flexible solutions for complex cross-organizational issues, taking initiative and making key contributions to group efforts.
  • Superior interpersonal, organizational, and problem-solving skills, including a demonstrated ability to work effectively both independently and in a team or collaborative environment.

Top Secret/SCI


Major Duties and Responsibilities (MDRs):

  • This position provides significant professional growth opportunity for an individual with interagency collaboration, counter-terrorism, or homeland security experience and or strong interest in areas of accelerating national information sharing capabilities.
  • The applicant will have the opportunity to directly lead oversight of related National Strategies, Office of the PM-ISE priorities and projects conducted in collaboration Federal, State, local, and tribal governments, the private sector, and international partners within the law enforcement, intelligence, defense, homeland security, and diplomatic communities.
  • There will be exciting and demanding opportunities with high priority projects as this position will be responsible for leading staff accomplishments in information sharing and safeguarding projects, governance, and further developing important mission partner relationships. We want a high potential 15, with time-in-grade in operational roles preferably with Federal law enforcement experience, to help us achieve the long-term ISE vision - National Security through responsible Information Sharing.
  • The PM-ISE work environment is fast paced, with a broad span of government-wide responsibilities; tough national problems to solve; rapidly changing priorities; and relatively unstructured. High performing individuals are recognized, rewarded, and incentivized to advance.
  • Evaluate, integrate, review, and develop planning efforts for CT-related programs, watch listing and screening, and transnational organized crime areas of responsibilities in coordination and collaboration with other U.S. Government agencies.
  • Lead the monitoring, performance and implementation of interagency plans by coordinating and integrating competing requirements and priorities of multiple stakeholders; plan and participate in interagency meetings.
  • Manage the identification of gaps and impediments that are negatively impacting successful plan implementation efforts and develop solid and well-researched recommendations for policies/procedures designed to reduce these gaps.
  • Establish plan, prepare, and present briefings, reports, and presentations to senior government leadership, senior policymakers, National Security Staff, and other U.S. Government consumers in a manner that meets their specified requirements.
  • Oversee the coordination and integration of interagency and cross-directorate collaboration on programs and objectives; evaluate and assess these efforts to ensure their success.
  • Establish plan, promote, and share information and knowledge within government agencies, and effectively recognize, value, build, and leverage diverse and collaborative networks within these organizations.