Development Assistant

Washington D.C.
Apr 04, 2017
May 09, 2017
Full Time

The American Enterprise Institute is the nation’s premier think tank comprised of more than 200 scholars and staff who share a common mission: We believe that expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity, and strengthening the free enterprise system gives the most people the best life. We pursue our work in economics, education reform, health policy, environment and energy, foreign and defense policy, cultural studies, international trade, and other critical areas in accordance with our mission. Although our scholars may write about tax reform or welfare policy or relations with Russia, those issues are just the “what” of AEI’s work. The “why” is simple — to build a stronger America and a safer and freer world.


Since Arthur Brooks became president in 2009, we have been in a period of rapid growth, doubling the size of our core community of extraordinarily successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. 


AEI thrives by connecting serious, substantive, and talented professionals with the best scholars in public policy, working together to inform policymakers and shape the conventional wisdom.  We choose our donors — as opposed to them choosing us — based on their intellect, achievement, and level of civic engagement. They come to us from the boards of leading universities, civic and cultural institutions, and political organizations; they have signed the Gates/Buffett pledge or are seriously engaged in organizations devoted to philanthropic leadership; they started their careers at blue chip companies, then went out on their own to found companies and investment firms; and they could have been scholars themselves, had they chosen a different path.


We seek someone who understands AEI’s mission and work and is inspired to share it with our donors and prospective donors, and in particular with our younger donors and prospective donors. We need someone who can help us deploy AEI’s scholars and senior staff to build relationships between the institute and the country’s future business leaders — not just for the sake of financial support, but also to help us grow our community of force multipliers for AEI’s scholarship. 


Qualified applicants should submit an online application to, complete with a resume, cover letter, and 500-word writing sample on any topic.

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