Safety and Access Control Manager

Alexandria, Virginia
Up to $62,000/yr + full medical, dental, 401 K, ample leave and other benefits
Apr 04, 2017
Apr 28, 2017
Montebello Condo
Full Time


The Safety and Access Control Manager (SACM) is responsible for managing the Safety and Access Control (SAC) systems protecting residents, guests, employees and others authorized to be on the property. The SACM supervises on-site SAC employees and SAC contract employees, assures that all SAC systems and equipment are properly operating and maintained, and that Board policies regarding SAC are properly implemented and administered. SACM also advises the General Manager (GM) on matters affecting safety and access.

SACM may recommend to the GM any changes in policies, procedures, systems, and equipment to enhance performance, efficiency, and utility to residents. SACM develops budget and staffing recommendations consistently balancing cost effectiveness with overall safety and security considerations.


Supervisory controls include:

  1. Reports directly to the General Manager.
  2. Arranges own workday in a manner that provides interface with two shifts each day and all shifts at least weekly.
  3. Directly responsible for the supervision and direction of the SAC staff.
  4. Does not benefit, personally or indirectly, in any way whatsoever, from his or her association with any Montebello contractor or supplier.


Responsible for the following:

  1. Hiring, training, scheduling, and managing SAC staff consistent with MCUOA policies and procedures.
  2. Assumes “on call” responsibilities as assigned by the General Manager.
  3. Supervising and approving time cards for all in-house and contract SAC staff.
  4. Performing annual performance evaluations of SAC staff and providing on-the-spot corrections as needed.
  5. Defining and/or redefining SAC procedures and instructions, as necessary, and as approved by the GM for clarification and understanding by all staff.
  6. Arranging for or conducting such training programs as necessary to assure that the objectives of SAC, customer service, and compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and Board-adopted policy are met.
  7. Monitoring all SAC, fire, and other safety equipment continuously and obtaining required maintenance and/or replacement in accordance with budget and signature authority.
  8. Developing budget and staffing recommendations, including use of overtime and contract personnel, for annual budget input.
  9. Suggesting application of new technology when appropriate.
  10. Reviewing logs and taking timely, appropriate action.
  11. Conducting regular meetings with SAC staff on changes in policies, procedures, or legal requirements and soliciting their suggestions on ways in which customer service could be enhanced.
  12. Responding promptly to any safety incident, performing internal investigation of such incident, including where applicable the collection and preservation of video and notes of surveillance process or investigative reviews, preparing a written report of findings, and taking appropriate steps to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence.
  13. Performing periodic inspections of the property (including pathways, streets, parking areas, garages, open spaces, front and rear gates, and common elements portions of the buildings) to identify areas of risk. Advising of needs for corrective actions, additional lighting or safety and access control measures as necessary, taking such action within budgeted allowances or forwarding such recommendations to the GM.
  14. Serving as the Association's SAC advisor and liaison to committees, other managers, and outside entities (including police, fire, rescue and investigative personnel, as well as other community organizations) as appropriate.
  15. Preparing a monthly written report for the Board meeting package addressing routine and non-routine safety, access control activities, and providing any recommendations for the Board regarding these areas.
  16. Preparing a weekly written report to the General Manager concerning internal investigations, losses or violation of rules and regulations including policies and procedures, and the results of a weekly inspection of the property to be conducted prior to the preparation of the weekly report.
  17. Assisting with planning/updating the Association's disaster control plan.
  18. Analyzing and evaluating security operations to identify risks or opportunities for improvement through auditing, review, or assessment.
  19. Issuing resident identification cards, decals and gate cards.
  20. Preparing articles for the Association newsletter offering suggestions or reports to the residents on safety and access control matters.
  21. Attending meetings, professional seminars or conferences to keep abreast of changes in the profession and exposure to new technologies impacting security operations.
  22. Purchasing security related supplies, equipment or technology in consultation with the General Manager.
  23. Performing any other duties assigned by General Manager.





As a minimum, the SACM shall possess an associate’s degree in law enforcement or criminal justice from an accredited institution combined with at least five years of continuous service at a supervisory level in law enforcement, criminal justice, or corporate or industrial safety.  Service within the military police branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, experience in the private sector, or similar experiences, may assist in meeting these experience requirements.


SACM shall be a U.S. citizen at least 21 years of age with no misdemeanor or felony convictions other than minor traffic violations. If previously associated with the military, the SACM shall have an Honorable Discharge. Additionally, the SACM shall be able to demonstrate the successful application of the following skills and qualifications:         

  1. Knowledge of programs or practices that meet laws, regulations, and requirements affecting hiring, discipline, and supervision of SAC personnel.
  2. Knowledge of laws, regulations, and requirements affecting SAC operational matters.
  3. Knowledge of access control and fire/safety equipment, and security/safety practices and methodologies.
  4. Experience in hiring, training, supervising, and directing employees in a customer service oriented environment.
  5. Basic knowledge of and experience with a spectrum of modern office software and automation systems (Microsoft Office®, integrated resident databases, etc.).
  6. Effective oral and written communicator with interpersonal skills that enable communication with a diverse audience.
  7. Ability to work independently and manage multiple priorities.
  8. Problem identification and alternative solution development skills appropriate to evolving conditions.

Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language, including the meaning and spelling of words and the rules of composition 

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